Warhammer is, perhaps, the only game I've truly developed long-term campaigns for, and have the actual opportunity to complete them.  Links to these campaigns, and their descriptions are below...

THE FIRST QUEST: The Legend of Goe Orthrond || The Kaer of Terror
      Since March of 2003, this Warhammer Fantasy based Play-by-Forum RPG has been a mainstay in the lives of several close, and a few new, friends who've made lasting and important characters to play in my version of the Warhammer Fantasy world.  Despite a few long hiccups, times when the game was on hiatus, we continue the game to this day.

      2 May 2013 - This Quest has been back on since 4 January 2013, and cruising right along.  Real life continues to get in everyone's way, but we're working through it the best we can, for a PbF game.  Our game will be ten years old on March 19th, I believe it is, and still going, even if it's been shot in the leg, buried alive, and has a collapsed lung.  It's the continuing efforts of the players who keep it moving.  In fact, with the Second Quest, we're going to be getting into more standard, less campaign-based territory, and we'll see how it goes from there.

THE SECOND QUEST: The Empire in Chaos || Don-sdh Aranarth
      This Quest will not have anything posted with it, as yet, because the Quest may be renamed, and contain this, and the following, dependent on how long they run.  The idea for this, and the next Quest is to make them far smaller, and then to make the Aid for Roezfels Quest a Conclusion campaign for the Legend group for the Aid Quest.  Stay tuned, and don't try to figure it out too readily.

THE THIRD QUEST: World's Apart || Ardhon-ir Said
      As noted for the previous campaign, nothing is listed here, yet, and this is placed here just to let folks know I do have a plan to move forward AFTER The Legend of Goe Orthrond.

THE FOURTH CAMPAIGN: Aid for Roezfels || The Conclusion of A'arnoth Gel'dul
      In June 2009, some of my geographically-closer "friends" and I were able to get a new tabletop group moving.  Though I am, typically, the organizer, and I was a major force in getting this group to move, all of us contributed in our own ways and, eventually, came to an accord to bring this group together.  The primary game we were going to play was D6 Star Wars, the original version of the game by West End Games, though there were those in the group who really preferred fantasy.  Since I was on a hiatus from the on-line group, I volunteered to begin a game of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, 2nd Edition; despite opposition to the new setting, we went with the game, anyway, and had quite a lot of fun with it, as you'll read in the descriptions found after the jump for this campaign, above.

      November 15th, 2012 - The Aid For Roezfels campaign has been in suspense since March 26th, 2011, due to a lack of work and financial stability.  In early 2011, I pulled a real boner and crossed some lines with regard to personal space and knowledge, and am likely to never be forgiven for those.  As well this is due to the utter rudeness, personal disdain and lack of respect for me, of several members of the tabletop group, whom are no longer considered friends to me or by me.  Thus, their loss is the gain of my Play-by-Forum group, if we can get the game going and keep it moving, and I intend to complete this campaign with them in due time.  As of this date, my sons and I have built the bridge between the two campaigns, and I have plausible reasoning for allowing the two to be joined.  Stay tuned...

      Alright, fellow gamers, that's all there is, for the time being.  If any of these help you in your gaming, then I would be very happy to hear about it.

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