I picked up my 1st Edition copy of Warhammer, the 1995 version by Hogshead Publishing, in 1998 I think, when we were getting a new tabletop game together.  This is when I built my Battle Mage, Elidarius Swifthand, a Bright Order Magister whom I recently rebuilt for 2nd Edition, a character I truly love(d), despite how weak he was until he reached Battle Mage Level 2 in 1st.  Between that time and now, I've run a few games of 2nd Edition myself, both in Play-by-Forum format, and on the tabletop, and I intend to continue the hybrid version of my game in PbF and with Roll 20, as soon as I am able.  Without further adieu, here are some of those...

(NOTE: If you wish to use any of these PDF files, please download them to your system, do not reference them on this web site, as even I have bandwidth limitations.  Thank you.)

Liber Fanatica
      Having playtested 2nd Edition, these folks understand what makes 2nd Edition better, and you can see their maps, house rules, and a great deal more at this web site.  For the Warhammer GM who never has enough, there's a good deal of material to be had here.

My House Rules
      Though I agree absolutely with many of the things that make Warhammer 2 work, there were a few things I had to change from the standard rules, and a couple of things I wanted to add from Liber Fanatica, a long-standing Warhammer Fantasy house rules group that helped test WFRP 2, though quite a lot of the suggestions they made to improve the game were left out by Green Ronin, and the LF web site has all of those, and many more.  Also, because I felt the Actions system of 2nd Edition didn't measure up to my idea of fantastic combat, nor is the original system very smooth, I began developing my own, which you will see the mid-design for in this document.  This is an easier design, but not quite as exact as I like.
      If you would like to have a copy of the standard rules breakdown, click here.
      If you would like to see the final Attack/ Action Points system, click here.  The description there is too large to fit into house rules PDF from above, and besides it's a good enough system to stand on its own.

Alternate Character Generation
      For GMs who are not entirely satisifed with rolling everything in the game, or would like a little better means of creating characters with more logical backgrounds, this document puts flow to generating Warhammer characters; every RPG in the world allows you to select ~OR~ roll for all manner of traits, background, etc., and this document is similar to that.  Starting you off with Basic Statistics, though slightly lower than main book stats, but you don't roll for anything, yet, you then have adjustments based on your character's Sex, then from Racial Features and for their Background.  For Background's, I used Liber Fanatica's Volume I: Character Compendium as a basis for what I did, here; however, I added the Magic background and, for each background, I added Pre-Career Characteristic Bonuses, changed the Skills, Talents, and Careers to be based more on what the background needed, how it reads in the Fantasy Flight Games Character Compendium, rather than picking only by career name.  Finally, I went through and gave a complete Starting Items & Wealth listing, as opposed to having separate listings in the main book and in the LF volume, which is confusing, at best.  Next, I allow you to complete your character through life choices and dice rolling, to flesh out your career, obtain your background features by listing the volumes you could use, if they're available.  Next come the height and weight charts, based more on real-world calculations, based on race, height, and a small calculation of certain attributes to cross-reference for your weight, more accurate than mere dice rolls.  Next come your character's dooming, star sign, and other development aids designed to get your players more involved with their characters.  Finally, I took the Hit by Locations document by Warhammer Forever -which apparently was not forever, as I'm unable to find a link for it, now-, performed different calculations for wounds by location, which will not prolong combat as much as the original system, but still allows for relatively hardy characters.

My WFRP 2 Character Sheet
      For those of you who loved the 1st Edition character record sheet, here is a version similar to it.  You can see my online example of this sheet for my favorite NPC, Athaeis Draug of Sa'andrine, by clicking here.  The downloadable tabletop version of this sheet has more character (if you will pardon the pun), is readily printable on light parchment paper, for that total sense of tabletop-style immersion, and has more information the on-line version couldn't have due to funky angles and space limitations.  This PDF file is actually a packet, however, containing instructions for use, a copy of the advanced gear and character information outer page, followed by each male and female versions -the only difference is their race being listed, and a light template image -for your players to draw over- of the character in the hit box- of Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and Humans, followed by a blank sheet, all of which are interior pages, followed by the skills interior page, and then the advanced character information and career planning outer page.  These sheets have been designed with long campaigns and advanced characters in mind; so, if you're only doing a tryout campaign or do not foresee your characters getting very far in the game, use another smaller sheet.  After all, if your group decides to go farther, or once your character has advanced significantly, you can always transfer them to a newly printed copy of this sheet.
      For those of you who would like to have a copy of the folder for the online version I've shown, above, email me with your request and I'll be happy to get it to you.  It stands apart from the remainder of my web site, with the side menu built into the each page individually, ready for you to edit as you see fit, though you do need to have some editing skill to use it effectively for your games.

      Alright, fellow gamers, that's all there is, for the time being.  If any of these help you in your gaming, then I would be very happy to hear about it.

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