What is a PbF Game and How Do I Play It?

This is where you get to find out about the rules of posting and playing in this forum. Questions and problems with these rules can be addressed here, as well.
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What is a PbF Game and How Do I Play It?

Unread post by Tithenon » 21 Dec 2012, 19:17

What is a PbF Game,
And How Do I Play It?
Updated: 25 January 2015

Remember, rules are guidelines, not hard fast lines which you absolutely MUST remain within; if the rules get in the way of the story, I will always default to the story while attempting to remain within the rules. So, once you read these, you shouldn't really have to worry about them again. However, it is important that you read it all so there is less confusion and fewer discrepancies in the game. This is especially true for punctuation and basic posting rules.

Overall, games are designed to be fun, and this one is not supposed to be any different. However, as in all real-life activities there are certain goals to the fun which require rules to help establish the journey to reach the goal, and disparate personalities and definitions of "fun" can cause friction. I will always try to remain detached, though I am human also; therefore, if you have an issue with me, or anyone else, please address the individual through private messages, not in the open forums.

If you don't want your character's actions or speech to be misinterpreted, use the following tips, tricks, and ideals for our game. Thank you.

More Than Just the Basics
1) Posting Volume: 25 January 2015 ~ The hour/day restriction on posting limitations and requirements has been lifted, for the time being. The following immediate text is being maintained, here, in case we return to that standard. I intend to run this game as fast as the players allow it to go. Your posting, as the player, often enough will keep the game moving swiftly; it's up to you and your friends, here, how fast the game moves. Check your email daily, respond if you're able at least once every 24 hours, or every 72 if you have nothing to respond with, letting us know what it is you're trying to do with your character. Everyone who role-plays come to play these games because you have good ideas, you have a desire to participate in a great story, and that means that it is up to you, individually, to help move the story forward. Take some time, think, and enjoy playing in the game; you moving forward the game will inspire your friends, here, to do the same.

If you are joining this game I, and your fellow players, will assume that you are placing a moderately high priority toward at least checking this game every day, and then responding either as necessary, or that you are not performing any new action. Though I will try to keep your character's busy, it's not always possible for me to make that happen for EVERYONE in the game, so I expect you to attempt to make some situations work for your own character, for yourself. I do not mind improvisation, and will attempt to work with you in the story, though you may need to send me a PM to help you run that part of your character's story, with a description of what you're attempting to accomplish, please?

I will query no one, any more, about their interest in the game, and leave the ball squarely in your court as to whether you leave the game or stay. If someone contacts me about playing, and you have been inactive for a great deal of time, you will be replaced with the new player. It's not fair to your fellow players, to me, or to others who may want to play, if you abandon the game and tell no one.

You MAY petition for re-entry and, if a spot is available, you'll be allowed back into the game, though you will likely have missed quite a bit of experience and back-story. If you have been a player through one or more threads of the game, I will not update your experience to match the party, and the game will not stop because you're coming back.

2) Style of Play and Proper Use of Punctuation: Certain tags have been discussed on the Warhammer page under Tithenon's Warhammer. However, those are not the only ones which need to be discussed. Consider this a primer in BBCode, aka Forum Code; in the following examples, I will place spaces between beginning ( [ ) and ending ( ] ) tags for various codes to make the example only. When you actually write BBCode, you cannot have spaces between those brackets, just {bracket}code{bracket}. Likewise, all ending code works like this ( /end code ).

Italics: [ i ] and [ /i ] - This is a good example of italicized text

Bold: [ b ] and [ /b] - This is a good example of bold text

Underline: [ u ] and [ /u ] - This is a good example of underlined text

You may combine codes as well, simply by lining the codes up behind one another such as: [ u ][ b ][ i ]your text[ /u ][ /i ][ /b ] = This is a good example of these tags lined up together.

Quotes: [ quote ] - This will simply give you a quote box. [ quote="name" ] will allow you to place any text you want, though it is better to use the name of the poster whom you are quoting. For example...
Tithenon wrote:[ quote="name" ] will allow you to place any text you want, though it is better to use the name of the poster whom you are quoting.
^^^That is a good example of quoting. You may quote as many people as you see fit.

Many of these are also available as both opening and closing tags in buttons immediately above the posting window. Experiment with these, and with colors, and with Smilies, etc., to become comfortable with using them.

Out-of-Character: Jason M., aka Ltan Honorsmitter, developed tags for being able to speak out of character in threads. If you are not using the [ ooc ]What out of character thing do you want to say?[ /ooc ] tags, then you are considered to be speaking in-character, for your character.
Out-of-Character This is a good example of what can be said out-of-character
You may also use the [ ooc= ] [ /ooc ] tags, like quotes, to address a specific out-of-character action, question, or request.

You do NOT have to use forum code to make things happen if you don't want to, though it will aid in distinguishing the importance of some of the things you want to say for your character, as thoughts, actions, and speech for them. If you need a good reference page for forum code, however, to find out more tags for images, text colors, text size, etc., click on the BBCode next to your text entry box in the posting page, and a new window will be opened to display the various code types you are allowed to use in your posts; you will not lose any work you've done in your current post if you pop open this new window by right-clicking with your mouse and Open in New Tab/ Window. To return to your work, simply close the BBCode reference window.

" ": Remember to use beginning/opening and ending/closing quotes when you are saying something with your character. If you are speaking specifically to someone, you may use -

Whispers to Character 2: "I thought you said this room was safe?"


To Character 1: "I thought it was. Famous last words, huh?"
^^^This is not whispering quietly, but rather speaking in a normal volume and tone, unlike the first entry in which the character IS whispering. Remember, however, that even though you may be whispering, it may still be very loud in the type of space your character is in; regardless, if you're looking to speak quietly in those spaces, you will need to explain that you are whispering or, otherwise, speaking with low volume.


Shouts to(or at) Character 2: "Throw me the rope!"

You do NOT have to use Whispers or To or Shouts if you are speaking in general, to no one in specific. It's up to you how specific you choose to be for your character, but if you do not use these specific tags and quotes to help you tell your story, what you say will, most likely, be misinterpreted, especially by the GM.

If you are having your character think to themselves, making a note for yourself to read about and remember later, please feel free to put that in ' ', which are normally considered thinking or silent talking quotes. Having your character think something to themselves can become an important story element because, unless your character has an unnatural poker face all the time, when they think something their facial expression will, most likely change, and other characters may be able to notice the change and comment, to help you get your character's thought(s) out, hence moving the game forward.

3) Making Actions: If you are acting for yourself against some inanimate object or against an opponent of some sort, simply list the action you're doing and whom you're doing it to; no special code or overt description is required, unless of course you wish to add such flourish. Unless otherwise specified, when in combat, you are considered to be fighting the closest bad guy to your character, as the GM sees your position, which may not be what you're seeing, so you need to work with the GM to clarify what you mean, or chasing the bad guy you have already been fighting if they decide to flee. If you want to fight someone else, such as the Minion Lord rather than the Minion, for example, you need to specify that, or you're considered to be fighting the Minion closest to you or that you've been engaged with.

Tell all of us what you're doing and how. In combat, or in actions, whether against inanimate objects OR opponents, I may email you or Private Message you (make sure you have Private Messages turned on so you receive notification when a new one arrives; this can be done in your Profile page on these forums) to ask for one or several dice rolls of type.

If, instead, your party comes into a combat situation, or something requiring a group effort, I may simply ask for a series of dice rolls and then write a narrative of the combat as I see it, from the action descriptions you've provided and how I see them lining up with the dice rolls. If certain actions I write for your character are uncharacteristic of them, then you should send me a PM with any changes you would like to see made to that narrative and I'll rewrite it to better represent what your character is doing, unless of course your narrative is better than mine. :D Narratives will be for larger combats, epic battles, and the like, while we MAY simply role-play smaller combat. This is something I haven't been good at in the past, and I don't expect to have much more luck with it, unless I have some help, please?

4) Magic: Magic is somewhat easier to obtain and use as spells in my game, and the changes from 1st Edition WFRP to 2nd are significant. However, magic weapons, armor, and items are going to be very difficult to obtain. I have a certain game balance in mind, as do ALL GameMasters, and it does NOT include everyone running around in impenetrable armor with god-weapons.

5) Religion, Magic, and Belief Systems: It is up to you, for the most part, how you work your character in regards to their beliefs and religion, and I know it will add flare to the game to have an active system of religion and belief. However, be it known that I am a Christian and am less inclined to support religion (of ANY kind) in my game; I won't ban it unless it gets out of control, and you're welcome to have it as part of your character, as long as it doesn't get out of control. Player Characters will NOT worship Chaos gods in my game! Likewise, openly evil characters are not welcome and will be destroyed and/or the player asked to leave!

You might ask if there is any other reason I am so adamant about this, and there is. When I was in Junior High School I played D&D with my friends at the library every day of the school week during lunch. The game began to become so serious to some players as far as their deities went, that they began living up to the descriptions of what acolytes of those religions do for their 'penance' or 'devotion'. When high school students, those without much of a life, and fanatical people with a weak grasp of reality, start cutting themselves in the library with razors while playing a GAME just to satisfy a D&P game deity, it's time to put the brakes on the religion aspect. So, it's not JUST my Christian attitude, but also personal experience in games BEFORE I was a Christian.

6) Watching your character: Once you have your account set up and your signature done, I will be going back and modifying your signature to have a link to your character and their journal, so you can keep an eye on your stats, gear, notes and whatnot. Please keep 150 of your 500 characters for your signature free so I can do that? Thank you.

7 ) Favorite Character: If you have a favorite Warhammer character you would like to play which has more than one career to start out with, I MAY allow you to play that character, within reason, once EVERYONE in the party comes to that many careers. This means you may be waiting a while, especially where Mage careers are concerned. If your character is a god character and outside of my reverse engineering capability as far as character generation goes, in the least, I will deny you the right to play that character. Players who want to play advanced characters will be required to provide an advanced history and some sort of gaming journal/log which outlines the adventure(s) they have been through, and it SHOULD be something relevant to our campaign (I will be the judge of that, and I'm normally pretty lenient where histories go, as long as they're good, dramatic, and artful.) As our campaign advances, I will bring in new player's characters at an experience level commensurate to the current party, if the player would like to have their character that way, and though an advancement story will NOT be required in that instance, it would still be good to come up with one. Excellent backgrounds, character development, artwork done by YOU, etc for your character WILL gain you experience for them.

8 ) The Map: You will find a map of the Warhammer world and the various kingdoms within the Old World by clicking here!

Please read on in this thread and through the other threads and web pages for instructions, guidelines, and rules? This is not because I've taken all this time to write them, update them, etc., and it's not for my own edification, it's for yours, and knowing these things will enhance your own experience, and the experiences of your fellow players, and I. Thank you.

You may also find the original posting from PbF.com, and for various other Play-by-Forum, Play-by-Post listings by clicking here!
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