Before the Dawn ~ Act Three (It's Always Darkest...)

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Before the Dawn ~ Act Three (It's Always Darkest...)

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GameMaster Note
Before the Dawn
Act Three: It's Always Darkest...
Scene One: The Dead Sea


Date/Time: 4 July 2013 (mid-morning), 2 Months 27 Days into the Invasion, 8 Days into the Still World
Place: The Indian Ocean, East-Northeast of Borneo
The Situation: You made a clean getaway, having dropped Shul, the massive German aircraft mechanic, in the Red Sea, after binding his single wound as tightly as possible with available materials, then stringing together three life preservers found in the abundance of life saving equipment aboard the PBY Catalina Seaplane, enough to keep his upper body more or less above the waves. As Captain Jacques Lefleur, your new less-than-Mobius-sympathetic companion, pushes the engines to their full capacity and turns the seaplane toward the ships, so he might use the waves to assist his takeoff, rather than hinder him, you might look back to see that Shul has his head up and out of the water, and is being pushed back along the waves, himself.

"I will not simply leave him to the waves," Jacques speaks rather loudly as the entire cage of the Seaplane rattles nastily along the waves. Lifting the massive body out of the water, he at once begins to circle to the right so he can make sure his friend will be alright. As he closes with the boats incoming, more like fishing trawlers now that you have the opportunity to see them more closely, you can hear rounds spak! off the fuselage, one or two actually puncturing it before Jacques is clear of them. With any concerned looks he sees sent in his direction, he will explain, "We have the fuel, mon amie, do not worry," and he smiles. "Besides, if we do not," he continues ominously, "there are always paddles." At this, he laughs loudly for several long seconds, turning back to the lower window to ensure Shul is still upright and the boats still en route to him, before turning for the dark skies beyond the horizon.

Soon enough, it turns dark and very, very cold - outside of the range of Dr. Mobius's artificial sun, it is about 15 degrees colder than it should be. Below you, you see the lights of a few cities and towns bravely attempting to carry on in the face of the unending night, but you know that, if the Earth does not soon begin moving, they will all die in the cold darkness.

Several uncomfortable hours pass. You cross the Indian Ocean, flying south to avoid Indian airspace — a good thing to do, flying a Nile airplane. Up ahead you see lightning and dark black clouds. It is the border to Orrorsh, the dark realm. Beyond, in what used to be the Indonesian Sea, is your destination. You tighten your seat belts and prepare to brave the storm.

Within eight hours, with the fuel indicators from both wings signifying that you're beginning to become low on fuel, Jacques begins his descent through the clouds, and toward the location on the map where the refueler Tanis is supposed to be. Like clockwork, the massive fuel tender is there, along with its own tender ship. Captain Lefleur signals, again in near perfect English, with the slightest French accent, that he is their early morning appointment, and that he will be paying in American Dollars. He is welcomed, called down to certain coordinates, where he can pull in between the vessels and be topped off.

Jacques tells all of you to stay low, that only he should be seen, if at all possible, and he takes care of business. After nearly forty-five minutes in the ocean, and grabbing quite a bundle of American money from a hidden compartment, with a combination lock, in order to pay the Indian-registered tanker crew, the fueling is completed and the Seaplane is off the surface, again.

The plane approaches the area marked on the flight plans, but you would recognize it anyway. A great vortex of energy spirals out of the sky and plunges into the sea, piercing the darkness with unearthly light. According to the charts, you are just north of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. The water around the vortex is surprisingly calm. As there is no land near enough the vortex, you might now realize why a great deal of this equipment is on-board...
  • 10 full diving suits with air tanks, more like the old canvas suits with diving bells rather than what you would find in a modern S.C.U.B.A. suit,
  • 10 spear guns, the standard shark-scaring fish catching type,
  • 10 strange-looking grenades, with what appear to be six small opaque glass squares, each,
  • 10 very strange looking tubes, their length equal to about the width of the palm of your hand plus a couple of inches, with a single black button set inside some sort of safety collar,
  • and 10 large bore pistols, almost like flare guns, but much longer.

As you're trying to figure out what you're doing here, and what to do next, anyone looking out the windows, especially toward the vortex, see a massive white fin pop up from the water, standing roughly four-feet out of it...

Out-Of-Character ∴ I would recommend you guys do a self-inventory to see what you do and don't have, please, and be mindful of the plot of the adventure?

Anyone with Weird Science or Science skill might be able to further identify the pieces of equipment listed above; however, since we're not in rounds, each will be a separate roll.

I have already handed out Possibilities for the previous act but, unlike with Warhammer Fantasy, I'm not listing them for you. Don't forget, if you want to spend Possibilities, take a look here! Scroll down in the chart a bit to see "Improve A Skill Add, Arcane Knowledge, etc." and "Improve An Attribute". I will always recommend that you maintain as many as 7 to 10 Possibilities, as these are used to improve dice rolls, mitigate damage, etc., but if you've been heretofore lucky, then feel free to spend what you think is best. :twisted:

Once these things are done, and you guys have told me what you're doing, I'll move the story along...

NOTE: Use the following for your rolls on; Number of Rolls: 1, Dice: 2d10.extra(10), then copy the line of text inside the box on the results page, not any of the links. Next, find your bonus number from the Bonus Number chart on your character sheet, then add that bonus to the appropriate skill or attribute value -do NOT add the dice roll itself-, along with any other modifiers from abilities or technology to generate your total.