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Beginning the Game

Unread post by Sir Alain Fisk » 23 Jun 2013, 00:17

GameMaster Note ∴ Game Start Date In all likelihood, I will not begin our Torg game until Saturday, June 29th, 2013, though of course that is never set in stone. Now, I wanted to be able to finish the current Warhammer quest, first, but I think I can deal with both as we're going along, as long as the current quest for Warhammer does reach a nominal conclusion within a few weeks. This post, however, is designed to help you discover impetus for your characters to be in Atlanta, Georgia by the middle of June, 2013
Why is your character, regardless of what realm they're from, in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of Spring 2013?
This is not a question anyone actually has to answer because this game does not require logical explanation for everything that's taking place. However, to provide you with some potential explanations is not a bad idea, in case you need to use them, later...
  • You are a hero. Whether you're from Core Earth or one of the six realms on Earth, you're an individual who is here to help put the High Lords back off this planet in any way you possibly can. You've heard that the zone of silence north of Atlanta, which actually seems to center on New York, still has plenty of Americans and Canadians trapped within who have no ability to get out, no desire to leave their homes, and thus they need supplies run into them all the time. You're here to help with that effort, since you can travel through these places with the same ease you use to cross the street.
  • You are chasing someone from your realm whom you've found out was traveling here for some inauspicious reason, and you must stop them before they can commit their dastardly act. You chased them to Atlanta, only to find out they had escaped you, or were found dead, or their untoward deed had been thwarted by someone else, or a group of someone else's. You are, thus, either without a clue as to where they went, next, and are searching for clues by helping out the locals, or you are attempting to find a device, or unravel whatever scheme they were planning, or you're simply grateful to the individual or group who put down this nemesis before they could perform their horrific act.
  • You are following someone from your realm whom you've found out was traveling here, but their life is in danger, and whether they're running or simply came here to help, you have to find and protect them. You chased them to Atlanta, only to find out they had moved on, or were found dead. You are, thus, attempting to find out what their next destination was, and are searching for clues by helping out the locals, or your failure to protect them has lead you to believe you should not return home and, in fact, should face some manner of self-imposed penance for your incompetence.
  • You are an adventurer, a seeker of knowledge, an explorer, and the idea that the so-called "Living Land" intrigues you, since few have seen into the mist, and it's an experience you want for yourself. So, you've come to Atlanta to hook up with a group of people taking supplies into the Eastern Land so you can have your adventure. You are not, after all, stupid and you readily understand there is safety in numbers.
Why is your character a part of this group?
  • You came and registered with one of the many aid organizations in Atlanta, and they placed you with the present group of characters you're with.
  • You came here with someone, or the first someone you met that was actually helpful to you is one of your new friends in this group.
  • You were hiking along the road to see what was inside the massive raging storm-wall, and the group you're with now just happened to be going your way.
  • You have not joined this group, yet, desiring as the player to have a unique entry to the story at hand, and as such have yet to meet the group, whether in Atlanta, in the Eastern Living Land, or abroad.
Once you've sort of decided why you're here and part of the group, take a gander at the pre-game time-line, please? At the bottom of this first page, and each subsequent page, you will find a link to the next month of the war. If you reach a page bottom without a link, that is as far as the game has been updated, there. Check back at least once a month to see any new developments, starting from the first page of that history; this can be used to help jog your memory. Feel free to discuss anything there about the history, about your adventures, to ask questions, etc. These are your forums.

I will try to keep the time-line up and moving, so you guys can see, more or less, what's going on.

Once you have finished here, please click here to go to the beginning of our first adventure, "Before the Dawn".
NOTE: Use the following for your rolls on; Number of Rolls: 1, Dice: 2d10.extra(10), then copy the line of text inside the box on the results page, not any of the links. Next, find your bonus number from the Bonus Number chart on your character sheet, then add that bonus to the appropriate skill or attribute value -do NOT add the dice roll itself-, along with any other modifiers from abilities or technology to generate your total.