Songs and Stories of Middle-earth

If you have a character in our game, you will find their journal in this area, as well as some stickied threads near the top of the list for songs and stories. As well Player-heroes (PHs), as they are called in The One Ring, have some basic information here concerning how to build them. A journal means you have the opportunity to develop your character's depth to help you be able to get into them, even in a slow-flow forum-based setting such as our game. Have fun with it... using your journal and helping the group with songs may even lead you to gaining experience for posting about them.
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Re: Songs and Stories of Middle-earth

Unread post by Frerin » 18 Jul 2019, 17:31

The King beneath the mountains

The King beneath the mountains,
The King of carven stone,
The lord of silver fountains
Shall come into his own!

His crown shall be upholden,
His harp shall be restrung,
His halls shall echo golden
To songs of yore re-sung.

The woods shall wave on mountains
And grass beneath the sun;
His wealth shall flow in fountains
And the rivers golden run.

The streams shall run in gladness,
The lakes shall shine and burn,
All sorrow fail and sadness
At the Mountain-king's return!

There are beautiful renditions of this poem into song available by Clamavi de Profundis and by Karliene.
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