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Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 14 Aug 2016, 16:36
by Eadnes
I have just spotted how to delete!
I will check on email regarding the type of information I can put in here.

Fellowship Focus:
(NOTE: Your Fellowship Focus is another person in the Company you have some manner of connection to. You may spend Hope to help this individual, including giving it to them. It is up to the LoreMaster when and how you rejuvenate Hope, but using Hope for the benefit of your Fellowship Focus, but which also aids the Company, is cause for immediate rejuvenation.

Company Roles ~ Here find the definitions of the four roles in the game. At the beginning of each new Journey Phase, the Company selects who will play in which roles: Guide (1 only), Scout, Huntsman, and/or Look-out Man. While each character may be able to fill multiple roles, as listed, only one character can hold the primary slot of each role.
  • Guide: One companion has the responsibility of guiding the group during the journey. The Guide of the company is responsible for decisions, such as when the group should stop for a rest or how to manage their reserves of food. The main asset of a good Guide is a superior Travel skill. There is never more than one Guide, as they could also be considered to be the Captain for the Company.
  • Scout: A character acting as a Scout can be called upon to find a suitable location for setting up camp, or when a situation forces the company to abandon the road it was following to find a new one. Leaving a well-trodden path is difficult and dangerous, involving climbing up steep hills, wading wide streams or scaling doubtful paths along cliff-sides. A good Scout is characterized by a decent Explore skill. There may be more than one Scout, although first-come first-served is the Primary. Anyone else may act as a Secondary as long as they have a good Explore skill.
  • Hunter: When traveling with haste, a company can soon run out of provisions, especially when completing a journey that is going to take several weeks. A companion skilled at Hunting is always ready to track prey into the woods before making camp. There may be more than one Hunter, though the first one to choose Hunter is the Primary; it is expected that all will hunt, but only those with at least one Rank in Hunting may be called on to roll that skill.
  • Look-out: A journey brings a company through wildly different territories, most of them dangerous. The Look-out is a vital duty that often puts a hero in the position of saving the lives of all members of a group, or of dooming them all through inattention. The Look-out’s skill is Awareness, usually tested at the LoreMaster’s request. Though there is one Primary Look-out, everyone can aid in the Look-out's effort by either requesting to make an Awareness roll, or if the LoreMaster rolls for the Player-hero passively.)

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Posted: 14 Aug 2016, 16:51
by Eadnes
Peter C.
Shadow Weakness
Standard of Living
Silvan Elf of Mirkwood
Lure of Secrets
Cultural Blessing: Folk of the Dusk ~ Working in natural darkness, if you spend Hope on the use of any Common skill, your Favored rating is used rather than the Base attribute value.
Background: A Musical Legacy ~ Your father was a minstrel of great virtue, whose work will be praised for countless years. His talent passed along to you, but transformed into a love for the music that lies in plain speech. Your voice is pleasing to all listeners, and you choose your words much as your fingers choose the strings on the harp.
Calling: Scholar ~ For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs composed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice.
Elusive: You can choose to not be seen, making you very difficult to find. You must have a plausible means of disappearing.

Elven-lore: You have a recollection of three-ages worth of deeds and places lost to the Ancient-lore of other races, and speak the Ancient Tongue of the Elves from beyond the sea.

Fair-spoken: You are a respectful and naturally pleasant person.

Rhymes of Lore*: These are brief compositions in verse created by many cultures to remember significant facts from ancient history. You can use them to improve a test of Lore, but is best used with skills from the Custom Group, Courtesy, Song, or Riddle. Scholars credit much of their knowledge to these Rhymes.

Wood-wright: You can make beautiful things and useful tools by cutting and carving wood. You can carve toys for children, mend a broken instrument, build wood handles and parts for weapons and tools, and build homes and shelters, as necessary.

(NOTE: Click here to see your new character sheet!)

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 14 Aug 2016, 17:45
by Eadnes
The One Ring
History of the Setting
(NOTE: The setting of The One Ring is VERY rich, and your player hero will know and/or understand different aspects of that history, depending on various aspects of their cultural and historical makeup. This post allows you to understand what your character knows of the world. This knowledge will likely change over time as, through game-play, your character learns more of the world, of its history, background, and setting, and as the game itself progresses.)
Sanctuaries: Halls of the Elven-king
Patrons: King Thranduil
The Tale of Years
(NOTE: The following comes as a result of our playing the game, and what effects your Fellowship has on the world...)
T.A. 2946; Character’s 419th year in Middle Earth; born in 2527.
  • Year 2946: As the fifth anniversary of the Battle of the Five Armies draws near, folk from both sides of the Misty Mountains, Rhovanion and Eriador, from all points North and South, from the Upper Vales of the Great River to Lorien in the South, have begun to gather, to such populations that camps within and around the forests between Lake-town and Dale have begun to grow. Yet, with all that has been accomplished, the Shadow continues to flourish in the dark places of the world, growing to darken yet more. Purpose is given to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in these waning days of the East, and with that purpose comes prosperity, growth, and hope that the Shadow will soon be vanquished.
The Recent Past
  • Year 2941: The Wizard Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield and thirteen Dwarven companions, including a Hobbit from across the MIsty Mountains arrive to recover the treasure of Durin’s Folk and free the North from the threat of the Dragon of Erebor. The White Council convenes in Rivendell and, after The White Council moves in Southern Mirkwood, the darkness of the forest begins to lift.

    A series of unlikely events lead to the death of Smaug and to the destruction of Lake-town. Dáin of the Iron Hills becomes King of the restored Kingdom under the Mountain, while Dwarves, Men and Elves collaborate in rebuilding new cities in Dale and upon the Long Lake.
  • Year 2942: Bilbo Baggins returns to his peaceful life in the Shire. News of the great events that have come to pass spread across the land as he travels home. (Lore: ImageImage)
  • Year 2943: The Master of Lake-town falls victim to the Dragon-sickness and leaves Lake-town, aided by companions, he is then abandoned and dies of starvation in the Waste. (Lore: Image)
  • Year 2944: The creature Gollum leaves his lair under the Mountains and begins his search for the thief of the Ring; he eventually travels through Mirkwood, shadowed by the King's guards. (Lore: 22 + Image)
  • Year 2944-5: Dale is reconstructed and a new King is crowned. Lake-town is likewise reborn and trade resumes up and down the Running River, including with the Halls of the Elven-king. Beorn establishes his rule as a great Chief at the head of his new followers, soon to be known as the Beornings.
Old Lore
  • Year 1050: A shadow takes shape in Greenwood the Great, and the forest begins to darken. The Silvan Elves confine themselves to the northernmost regions of the forest, and Men begin to call it Mirkwood.
  • Year 1980: The Dwarves of the line of Durin abandon Khazad-dûm, Wonder of the Northern world. (Lore: 15, including Image)
  • Year 1999: Thráin I, King of Durin’s folk and distant ancestor of Thorin Oakenshield, comes to the Lonely Mountain and founds a dwarf-kingdom.
  • Year 2063: For nearly one-thousand years the inhabitants of the vales of the Great River have diminished significantly, the darkness spreading from the Naked Hill growing like a plague. However, in this year something terrible and wonderful happens in the South of Mirkwood, and many areas of the forest become safe to live in. Many folks that were forced to leave in recent decades return to their lands. The Woodmen multiply and prosper in the following years, establishing settlements both east and west of the Great River, and within the great forest; the River-maidens grow less wild and start having friendly contacts with the Woodmen.
  • Year 2210: Thorin I, son of Thráin, removes the royal house of Durin’s folk from Erebor to abide in the Grey Mountains. He carries the Arkenstone with him, as part of the royal treasure.
  • Year 2460: Mirkwood begins to darken, again, and in the following decades, many people choose to leave the region and go south, while Thranduil the Elvenking withdraws the borders of his kingdom to the North.
  • Year 2463: The Lady Galadriel invites Thranduil-king to a meeting of a White Council, composed of the Wise of Middle-earth, but refuses to go. Word reaches the Elven-king's ears, however, that Radagast speaks of the darkening of Mirkwood, though the Council decides to avoid stirring any possible evil, especially if it is a weak malice, such as a Ringwraith.
  • Year 2510: Following a great battle, Eorl the Young, lord of the Horse-folk of the North, leads his people from the upper vales of the river Anduin to live far in the distant South.
  • Year 2570: Late in the reign of Náin II, a plague of Dragons begins to afflict Dwarven mansions in the Grey Mountains. The Dwarves face a long and terrible war.
  • Year 2589: The Dragons of the Northern Waste spread south to prey on the Dwarves. King Dáin I and his second son Frór are slain by a Cold-drake while barring the gates to their halls.
  • Year 2590: Thrór, the eldest son of Dáin I and heir to the Kingship, restores the royal house to its ancient seat in Erebor. The Arkenstone is brought back to its place in the Great Hall of Thráin, and with it returns a great part of Durin’s folk. They mine and tunnel the roots of the Mountain, enlarging the subterranean Kingdom, building huge halls and greater workshops. Another group of Dwarves is led East-ward by his Brother Grór, the third son of Dáin: under his rule they eventually settle in the Iron Hills.

    About this time, several clans of Northmen living along the River Running move North to be closer to the Lonely Mountain. They befriend the Dwarven colony of Erebor, attracted by the opportunities offered by the prospering trade with the Iron Hills. The city of Dale prospers, and the following hundred years see it become the capital of a strong Kingdom extending far and wide to the East and South.
  • Year 2758: About this time, a great enemy from the East comes against the Dale-lands and their King Bladorthin, but between the end of 2758 and the first months of 2759, stiff, relentless winds hit the North, covering the lands with snow and ice. The Long Winter has come, and King Bladorthin dies before he sees the end of it. He is succeeded by his young son Girion, who drives his enemies back to the Eastern frontiers of the realm. (Lore: 22, including ImageImage)

    In five months, the Long Winter causes great suffering and inflicts grievous losses on many peoples.
  • Year 2770: One night, Smaug the Dragon descends on the Lonely Mountain spouting flames; the Dwarves are caught by surprise and Erebor is sacked, its inhabitants slain. Warriors from Dale are destroyed, too, and Girion their Lord is killed. Thrór, King Under the Mountain, escapes the slaughter by secret means with his son Thráin. They are joined in exile by Thorin, the young son of Thráin. The Dragon claims the underground halls of Erebor as his lair, and its treasure becomes his hoard. From the Mountain, Smaug starts preying upon the neighboring lands, killing people and livestock and reducing the surrounding area to a wasteland. Sometime later, Dale becomes deserted and slowly crumbles into ruins.
  • Year 2790: Thrór, Dwarven King in exile, is captured and slain in Moria by the Great Orc Azog. Preparing a war of vengeance, his son Thráin calls for a great muster of Dwarves.
  • Year 2793: The Dwarves of Durin’s folk, strengthened by great forces sent from the Houses of the other Fathers of the Dwarves, begin a long and cruel war against the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.
  • Year 2799: The final battle of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs is fought before the East-gate of Moria. The Dwarves are victorious, and a very young Dáin Ironfoot distinguishes himself by killing Azog single-handedly. But victory has a bitter taste: the war has greatly reduced the number of Orcs still dwelling in the mountains, but at the cost of a frightful number of Dwarven lives.

    After the battle, the various Houses part ways without attempting to reclaim Moria, and the Dwarves are dispersed again to the four winds: Dáin Ironfoot returns to the Iron Hills. Thráin and his son Thorin wander westward, to eventually settle in the Blue Mountains to the Northwest.
  • Year 2841: A lust for gold slowly takes possession of Thráin. He resolves to return to Erebor and convinces Balin and Dwalin and a few others to leave the Blue Mountains with him. Their wanderings bring them again beyond the Misty Mountains, until on a dark night Thráin disappears in Mirkwood.
  • Year 2900: Despite the danger of these lands, many bold men and women make their way back into the vales of the Great River from the South. They are welcomed by Radagast the Brown to ‘live in amongst the more pleasant woods in the valleys and along the river-shores’. Some of them have been persuaded to leave their lands and move north by Saruman the White, who is working with the Brown Wizard in an attempt to strengthen the communities living around Gladden Fields; others have heard about Beorn and the watch he keeps over the lands to the north of the Old Ford. (Lore: 27, including ImageImage)
  • Year 2911: An extremely fierce and long cold season begins in November. Remembered as the Fell Winter, its frozen grip doesn’t release the regions of the North from snow and ice for five months. Rivers and lakes are frozen over, and white wolves descend from the frozen wastes of the far North.

    When the frigid winds finally relent in March of the following year, rivers overflow with the melting of the snow and many lands are flooded as a result. It is about this time that the Long Marshes spread extensively, extending from the Old Forest road to the Forest River.
  • Year 2931: Rumors swirl of a child being born at the beginning of March, who is a direct descendant of Isildur, the last High King of the Men of the West. Within a few years, Elrond Half-elven has taken him as a foster-son. (Lore: 21, including Image)

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Posted: 14 Aug 2016, 18:19
by Fieranor of Imladris
Éadnes wood-working set.
Eadnes Wood-Working Set.png

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 03:18
by Eadnes
Hi Paul,

I haven't played much with this site yet.
I spoke to Richard about D20 and will give that a go today.
I'll explore the other threads as best I can.
I couldn't see how to delete the comment you have made saying I can delete...
I'll try and dig out a guide.

I hope this is enough to show the link works.


Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 12:13
by Fieranor of Imladris
The TYPE of information you can put into your character thread is, quite literally, ANYTHING you feel a need to put in this thread. It is your thread. I'm thinking about using these character threads as means to help you guys get through your Fellowship Phase stuff... don't worry, explanations are coming soon. :)

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 17 Aug 2016, 18:52
by Fieranor of Imladris
I have something of a writing assignment for you, and I want you to take your time with it, but have it done by the end of September, please? It IS something that’s important to the game, something important to interactions for your character, and is worth Experience Points...

Your character has both Valor and Wisdom as characteristics in the game, valor for a representation of the characters strength and prowess in deeds done for yourself, for your tribe and/or culture, and wisdom for doing things the smart way, figuring things out, knowing how and what to resist and when. The One Ring has, during the Adventure Phase portions of our game, three sub-phases, one of which is the Encounter Phase, where you come meet people who are of different, at least, and if not higher stations than you. For example, at the beginning of The Marsh-bell, Glóin asked for you each to introduce yourselves, and you did, but we didn’t actually use the Interaction rules of the game; Glóin, being of higher station because he’s already been an adventurer, because he traveled with Thorin Oakenshield, and because he’s a trusted confidante of King Ironfoot, should have held you to your station, which is much lower than his, because you’ve not yet earned your chops. The game has a social value for every single character in the game, including your Player-hero.

There are two portions to the Interaction Phase, the Introduction and the Interaction; the former concerns, as I’ve explained, laying down a codex for your character in front of whomever you’re interacting with, which means you tell them of your deeds. Well, there are those you will interact with who will value Valor over Wisdom, and vice-versa.

So, your assignment is this, and it should help you to make a history for your character, is to write an Introduction for your character, how they stand in front of others, their general appearance, and then to lay out, in quotation marks to delineate that you’re speaking, what your deeds of Wisdom are for your Wisdom introduction, and then to write a separate post about your deeds of Valor. From here out, once you’ve written that introduction, you will edit it periodically with any greater deeds you may have done, either in Wisdom and/or Valor, and you will try to keep it to one paragraph in length, please? To clarify, one short paragraph, up to five sentences, to DESCRIBE your character, and then up to seven sentences in a second paragraph as dialog to introduce yourself to any character of higher station.

Two simple rules... the first is to be courteous in what you write, and the second is to invent stuff you think your character would have done. Obviously, not enough of the game has gone by, yet, to allow you to really embellish, so develop some things that took place prior to your character’s adventuring career. If you're able to get this done prior to September, that's great... otherwise, your interactions, oh so difficult to do at earlier stages of Fellowship development, could completely fall by the wayside.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 26 Aug 2016, 15:36
by Eadnes
Out-of-Character ∴ I am giving this a shot to see what you think. I've ideas in my head for both Wisdom and Valour but they rather depnd on whether you think these ideas are any good. I've deliberately left timelines out so if you feel anything lends itself to a grear event you can put it in. E.g. The arrival of Smaug.

Éadnes Andwiltan - Proposed History.
Éadnes grew up listening to the songs and tales of his father. As a boy, sitting listening to the histories of the world his heart soared with hope and he felt as though all would live in joy under the stars. He simply could not believe the beauty in the most tragic of tales was anything less than a portent of better times to come. The wonder in his face was clear to see and as he grew the openess of his features made his elders smile at his innocence. His father Dréamere found Éadnes quick to learn the stories and songs but slow to gain proficiency in an instrument. His son could play but it was clear singing and the telling of a tale were his strengths. As a result, he was asked to help the younger ones to learn the stories, to sing the songs and it was at this point Éadnes discovered his second love, working with wood. More specifically Éadnes began to make puppets to help illustrate the tales of old. He quickly became known for this talent and many laughed nodded their approval but as he grew this was seen as frivolous, for children only. Éadnes quickly drew the attention of the carpenters and wood melders and the great Tréowwyrhtan took him as an apprentice. Éadnes quickly developed skill with wood and in particular fine working, a talent that allowed him to continue to tell tales with his growing range of puppets. This may have been his past present and future were it not for the advance of evil across the land.

The great calamities soon brought trouble to the Woodland Realm and the great king Thranduil soon looked to close the doors of the elven kingdom. Yet he needed news and Éadnes came to be relied on more and more when dealing with the victims of troubled times. There was something in his demeanour that caused others to talk, he would listen and with gentle questions learn all the King would know. Yet Éadnes was still considered young at heart and not ready for war. It was in preparation for the coming shadow that his future was marked, he would undergo trials that brough wisdom and valour.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 26 Aug 2016, 18:36
by Fieranor of Imladris
Out-of-Character Alright, just so I'm clear, it is Éadnes' curiosity and ability to recall that Thranduil King was interested in, am I correct? As for time-lines, that which is the third post in this thread is for what Éadnes actually knows of the world, thus far, though you're definitely welcome, as the game progresses and your character learns more things, you can edit that post with the new information, if you wish. Otherwise, what I see here is fine; nicely done.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 27 Aug 2016, 04:41
by Eadnes
Out-of-Character ∴ You are correct, I am aiming for a personality who naturally remembers and can ask pertinent questions to get others to talk as his base personality. Upon this I will build some events to give enhanced wisdon and valour so his other skills chnage him as he grows.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 27 Aug 2016, 05:09
by Eadnes
Éadnes first came to journey outside the Woodland Realm when chosen to escort the vintners of Thranduil to Dale. Wynbrittan in charge of the King's wine cellars taught Éadnes much about wine but more about dealing with mankind. Éadnes drew upon his childhood and love of stories and saw in the children of men the same curisoity and wonder he possessed as a child. Subsequent journey's saw him perform some of the shorter, happier tales with his puppets for the children of Dale, which was quickly brought to the knowledge of the masters of the town. Éadnes was then asked to perform for the Lords of Dale and their children. Thranduil quickly saw the opportuntity to discover much he could not discover directly for fear of offense. Thranduil encouraged Éadnes to makle himself known and a 'favourite' ofthe Lords of Men. Although he become known by name to the Dwarf Lords of Erebor, their dower personalities meant he was never invited to perform in Erebor, although he did visit the Kingdom of the Dwarves. It was whilst entertaining in the courts of the Lords of Dale that Éadnes first proved his worth in discovering evil.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 27 Aug 2016, 10:17
by Fieranor of Imladris
Out-of-Character Alright, you may not want to mention Wynbrittan to Galion, the former chief of the King's wine cellar, as he would be quick to anger against one of his own, and now patrols Northern Mirkwood and the Elven-king's Realm. He made a big mistake by allowing a Hobbit and thirteen Dwarves to slip past him :lol:

Also, Éadnes would have had an impossible time getting past the front porch of Erebor, according to the Erebor sourcebook.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 28 Aug 2016, 06:23
by Eadnes
Out-of-Character ∴ I'm happy with the front porch of Erebor. My intention was that the character was known by many, trusted by the Lords of Dale but didn't associate with Dwarves. I'm happy if you want to change names or create actual dates for this history. I'm making up names so you can age the events appropriately. This next bit is to try and give him some knowledge from wandering.

Re: Éadnes Andwiltan of Mirkwood - Peter C.

Posted: 28 Aug 2016, 07:30
by Eadnes
Éadnes found great joy in telling stories and listening to the histories of the great Lords of Dale. On occassion he met the Dúnedain and quickly picked up their views of their history. This allowed him to enhance his performances as he could now move from one point of view to another. He found the world of men interesting and he took every opportunity to learn from them. The Dúnedain he found particularly adapt in wandering in the wild. It was on one particular journey that Éadnes discovered he had the power of Speaker.
A party of men, including one of the Dúnedain and minor Lords of Dale went hunting to the East of Erebor and Éadnes accompanied them. On the journey Éadnes became overwhelmed with a sense of great loss and pain. Such was the power of this sensation that Éadnes toppled from his horse, unheard of to those that were there. Éadnes, although sweating shaking ragained his composure to lead the group to a dying creature. It was one of the fabled Kine. Éadnes knew of this creature from the tales of the Valar, brought to Middle-earth by Oromë The Horseman of the Valar. This great white oxen lay mortally injured with its horns removed. Those around looked upon the beast with wonder. All knew that the Silver Horn of Gondor came from one of these creatures but they normally lived by the Sea of Rhûn. Laying hands on the creature Éadnes knew the great beast had been captured by Orcs, chained and dragged back towards the west. Those present compassionately gave the Kine the ritual of the peaceful cut, whilst Éadnes sang to the reverent beast to soothe it they ended its misery with as little pain as possible. The hunting trip was abandoned and the party returned to Dale with the foul news that somehow Orcs were wandering and with some unfathomable purpose?

Éadnes grew his skill as a Speaker and discovered he could communicate with almost everything. His knowledge grew as the very stones of Dale told him of their history, the trees of the Greenwood soke of seen, leaf and branch, the birds let him know of the approach of another and he could give simple tasks to the creatures of the wild. His senses as a Speaker grew and destroyed a plot destined to kill Girion by uncovering a great evil. During a feasting day to celebrate the founding of Dale, a man passed Éadnes in the company of others. Éadnes sensed conflict and spoke to the group, the man named himself Peotan, a visitor from the South. Éadnes knew something was not right as he sensed something move and crawl beneath Peotan's skin. It 'spoke' of death, destruction and hate whilst the mouth of Peotan soothed and smoothed his passge through the crowd. Éadnes called for the guard and as he was now known in Dale, they answered. As Girion and the Lords of Dale entered the hall of celebration the guard closed in on Peotan as he transformed into a fell werebeast. Thankfully alerting the guard had given enough time to stop and slay the beast although not without cost. Investigation by the wise caused alarm as the lore of old is clear Werewolves which seeme the closest description of the creature Peotan had become, were destroyed with Sauron. How could this beast be here?

This made Éadnes realise he must learn more of warfare and know how to defend himself better.

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Posted: 28 Aug 2016, 10:55
by Fieranor of Imladris
Out-of-Character I have always thought that players deciding to play older characters should have more knowledge. Likewise, those players who work the hardest at their character's history should be rewarded more, as the rules in Earthdawn support. I figured out how to make that a reality in games like Millennium's End, D6 Star Wars, etc., but not yet here. Right now, with as well as you've written, with the history marching alongside Tolkien's world pretty directly, how do I give a reward to match it? That's a rhetorical question, of course; I will give something, but just understand I feel like it's not enough, with the amazing work you're putting into this.

I also know that you're not seeking reward from this, you're writing because of a love of it; I can tell by how you're writing, the detail you're using, and I know that I am grateful. I have no dates or changes to make, here.