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(Ellisidil) the Eagle of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 28 Jul 2015, 22:03
by Ellisidil
After coming of age (16), Ellisidil was sent to Rhadagasts group for a year learning more about the lore of Middle Earth and its inhabitants all the while learning his family’s and culture’s secrets of the bow. His graduation was just past his 17th birthday while making a great bow that was in par with what was said to be one of the best that they had seen in a long time.

His arrows and fletching’s went from crude to straight and true with some of the finest points that could be made. The secret that Ellisidil had learned earned him a special quiver that could house, at a minimum, 36 arrows. But he was also taught to use enemy arrows at all costs to save on his. Rhadagasts group made sure that they gave Ellisidil secrets of the beasts, the Anduin, and what they could of shadow lore.
Ellisidil visited the Eagles, with his folks, in the past, and was taught how to be more discerning of targets and movement at long range.

Once he graduated, and knowing that the 5 year anniversary of the Battle of the Five Armies was going to be celebrated

Knowing what money he had, Ellisidil lived off the land hunting and exploring his way to Lake Town. Along the way he helped out folks in homes and settlements by joining hunting parties for wargs, some orcs, and other creature’s that were on the run since the liberation of Smaug and Mirkwood.

When he finally got to Lake Town (which took him close to 10 months) he found a job, using his skill to discern targets at a greater distance, as a temporary town guard. This helped him to have enough money for room and board. He was able to save up enough money to have fun at the Bowman’s guild, and to be able to buy some helpful items at the bowyers and fletchers markets.

Ellisidil loved to explore and had been learning his way around Lake Town using secret ways that he had been shown by one of the guards.

Fellowship Focus:
(NOTE: Your Fellowship Focus is another person in the Company you have some manner of connection to. You may spend Hope to help this individual, including giving it to them. It is up to the LoreMaster when and how you rejuvenate Hope, but using Hope for the benefit of your Fellowship Focus, but which also aids the Company, is cause for immediate rejuvenation.

Company Roles ~ Here find the definitions of the four roles in the game. At the beginning of each new Journey Phase, the Company selects who will play in which roles: Guide (1 only), Scout, Huntsman, and/or Look-out Man. While each character may be able to fill multiple roles, as listed, only one character can hold the primary slot of each role.
  • Guide: One companion has the responsibility of guiding the group during the journey. The Guide of the company is responsible for decisions, such as when the group should stop for a rest or how to manage their reserves of food. The main asset of a good Guide is a superior Travel skill. There is never more than one Guide, as they could also be considered to be the Captain for the Company.
  • Scout: A character acting as a Scout can be called upon to find a suitable location for setting up camp, or when a situation forces the company to abandon the road it was following to find a new one. Leaving a well-trodden path is difficult and dangerous, involving climbing up steep hills, wading wide streams or scaling doubtful paths along cliff-sides. A good Scout is characterized by a decent Explore skill. There may be more than one Scout, although first-come first-served is the Primary. Anyone else may act as a Secondary as long as they have a good Explore skill.
  • Hunter: When traveling with haste, a company can soon run out of provisions, especially when completing a journey that is going to take several weeks. A companion skilled at Hunting is always ready to track prey into the woods before making camp. There may be more than one Hunter, though the first one to choose Hunter is the Primary; it is expected that all will hunt, but only those with at least one Rank in Hunting may be called on to roll that skill.
  • Look-out: A journey brings a company through wildly different territories, most of them dangerous. The Look-out is a vital duty that often puts a hero in the position of saving the lives of all members of a group, or of dooming them all through inattention. The Look-out’s skill is Awareness, usually tested at the LoreMaster’s request. Though there is one Primary Look-out, everyone can aid in the Look-out's effort by either requesting to make an Awareness roll, or if the LoreMaster rolls for the Player-hero passively.)

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 28 Jul 2015, 22:27
by Ellisidil
(the) Eagle

Dan F
Shadow Weakness
Standard of Living
Woodmen of Wilderland
Lure of Power
Cultural Blessing: Woodcrafty ~ When fighting in the woods, you use your favored Wits score as your basic Parry rating.

Background: Sword-day Counselor ~ When he was a youth, your uncle severely injured his own right leg, mishandling his axe. Deprived of his rightful place among the active warriors of your folk, he instead turned to his wits and experience to contribute to the fight against the Shadow. His cunning was instrumental in many a victory on the field of battle. He proved to you that when a war is at hand, good advice is as important as good swords to ensure triumph.

Calling: Warden ~ In this age of the world where shadows grow deeper with every passing year, you have sworn to defend all who cannot defend themselves. Often, your choice forces you to forsake civilized areas, to better guard their inhabitants from what lurks right outside their fences. This has made you a stranger to the eyes of the common folk, a threatening figure like those you are protecting them from.
Beast-lore: All of the various environments of Middle Earth absolutely teem with life, and your knowledge of beasts can aid you in Hunting, tell you whether a place is a safe refuge or not, and to know where each are more vulnerable.

Bold: You trust your arm and your accuracy, and place yourself in danger any time the opportunity presents itself.

Determined: When you set a goal for yourself, you are relentless in your pursuit of its completion.

Region-lore (Anduin-lore, Mirkwood-lore, etc.): Each region is a separate Trait, and you know much of each of the regions you possess a Trait for.

Shadow-lore*: Much is going on in Middle-earth, and much of it is not good; a Shadow grows across the land, and you have come to be knowledgeable about it. You can share your knowledge with others, develop strategies to defeat or keep at bay the Shadow, but the threads of it grow thicker by the year. Wardens, who are committed to opposing the Shadow, collect, disseminate, and use this knowledge whenever they can to thwart the Shadow, and its minions, at every turn possible.

(NOTE: Click here to see your new character sheet!)

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 28 Jul 2015, 23:49
by Ellisidil
The One Ring
History of the Setting
(NOTE: The setting of The One Ring is VERY rich, and your player hero will know and/or understand different aspects of that history, depending on various aspects of their makeup. This post allows you to understand what your character knows of the world. This knowledge will likely change over time as, through game-play, your character learns more of the world, of its history, background, and setting, and as the game itself progresses.)
Sanctuaries: Rhosgobel, Esgaroth
Patrons: Radagast the Brown
The Tale of Years
(NOTE: The following comes as a result of our playing the game, and what effect your Fellowship has on the world...)
T.A. 2946; Ellisidil’s 17th year in Middle Earth; born in 2929.
  • Year 2946: As the fifth anniversary of the Battle of the Five Armies draws near, folk from both sides of the Misty Mountains, Rhovanion and Eriador, from all points North and South, from the Upper Vales of the Great River to Lorien in the South, have begun to gather, to such populations that camps within and around the forests between Lake-town and Dale have begun to grow. Yet, with all that has been accomplished, the Shadow continues to flourish in the dark places of the world, growing to darken yet more. Purpose is given to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in these waning days of the East, and with that purpose comes prosperity, growth, and hope that the Shadow will soon be vanquished.
The Recent Past
(NOTE: The following takes place after the Battle of the Five Armies...)
  • Year 2941: The Wizard Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield and more than a dozen companions set upon a quest to recover the Dwarven Kingdom of Erebor. A series of unlikely events lead to the death of Smaug and to the destruction of Lake-town. Dáin of the Iron Hills becomes King of the restored Kingdom under the Mountain, while Dwarves, Men and Elves collaborate in rebuilding new cities in Dale and upon the Long Lake. News of the great events that have come to pass spread across the land. (GP Addition, found out from Galion of the Woodland Realm: The Lady Galadriel, Sarumon the White, Lord Elrond Half-elven and Gandalf the Grey forced the Necromancer out of Dol Guldur prior to the slaying of Smaug the Terrible.)
  • Year 2943: The Master of Lake-town falls to some manner of illness and dies of starvation in the Waste.
  • Year 2944-5: Bard completes the reconstruction of Dale and is crowned King. A new Lake-town is completed on the Long Lake and trade resumes up and down the Running River. Beorn establishes his rule as a great Chief at the head of his new followers, soon to be known as the Beornings.
Old Lore
  • Year 1050: A shadow takes shape in Greenwood the Great, and the forest that would soon be renamed Mirkwood, darkens.
  • Year 1980: The Dwarves of the line of Durin delve too deep under the Misty Mountains and awaken an ancient evil. After millennia of prosperity, the vast halls of Khazad-dûm, Wonder of the Northern world, are abandoned the following year, its inhabitants driven out by fear and death.
  • Year 2063: Gandalf is seen entering Southern Mirkwood with a young boy named Balthi, the young son of a Hunter and, soon after, the two emerge with a special lamp of some kind and return to the place that would become Woodmen-town. The Woodmen multiply and prosper in the following years, establishing settlements along the Great River; the River-maidens grow less wild and start having friendly contacts with the Woodmen. Once Balthi grows, he founds Woodman-town.
  • Year 2210: Thorin I, son of Thráin, removes the royal house of Durin’s folk from Erebor to abide in the Grey Mountains.
  • Five centuries past, Radagast tells the Woodmen of Rhosgobel that the light of the lamp has the power to keep at bay the darkness issuing from Dol Guldur.
  • Four-hundred-sixty years ago, sightings of Orcs increase all along the spine of the Misty Mountains. About this time, the burg at Mountain Hall is raised.
  • Almost four centuries past, the one known as the Necromancer returns to Southern Mirkwood and the Shadow again grows from that place.
  • Year 2510: Following a great battle, Eorl the Young, lord of the Horse-folk of the North, leads his people from the upper vales of the river Anduin to live as free Men in the plains of Calenardhon, far in the distant South. He becomes the first King of the Mark of the Riders.
  • Year 2589: The Dragons of the Northern Waste spread south to prey on the Dwarves. King Dáin I and his second son Frór are slain by a Cold-drake while barring the gates to their halls.
  • Thirty-five decades ago, the Dwarves of Erebor return. About this time, several clans of Northmen living along the River Running move North to be closer to the Lonely Mountain. They befriend the Dwarven colony of Erebor, attracted by the opportunities offered by the prospering trade with the Iron Hills. (LORE: Feat 7, Success 4 and 3) The city of Dale prospers, and the following hundred years see it become the capital of a strong Kingdom extending far and wide to the East and South.
  • Year 2758: About this time, the wild folks of the East move against their enemies. In the North, the armies of Dale muster under the banner of King Bladorthin, but between the end of 2758 and the first months of 2759, stiff, relentless winds hit the North, covering the lands with snow and ice. The Long Winter has come, and King Bladorthin dies before he sees the end of it. He is succeeded by his young son Girion, who drives his enemies back to the Eastern frontiers of the realm.

    In five months, the Long Winter causes great suffering and inflicts grievous losses on many peoples.
  • Year 2770: One night, Smaug the Dragon descends on the Lonely Mountain spouting flames; the Dwarves are caught by surprise and Erebor is sacked, its inhabitants slain. Warriors from Dale are destroyed, too, and Girion their Lord is killed. From the Mountain, Smaug starts preying upon the neighboring lands, killing people and livestock and reducing the surrounding area to a wasteland. Sometime later, Dale becomes deserted and slowly crumbles into ruins.
  • Year 2793: The Dwarves of Durin’s folk, strengthened by great forces sent from the Houses of the other Fathers of the Dwarves, begin a long and cruel war against the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.
  • Year 2799: The final battle of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs is fought before the East-gate of Moria. The Dwarves are victorious, but victory has a bitter taste: the war has greatly reduced the number of Orcs still dwelling in the mountains, but at the cost of a frightful number of Dwarven lives; the survivors split up and go many directions.
  • Year 2850: For centuries, the Necromancer has been left free to work his sorcery from the Dark Hill. Gandalf is seen entering Southern Mirkwood, again, but soon the darkness increases and the ancient Wizard is not heard from for a long time.
  • Year 2900: Despite the danger of these lands, many bold men and women make their way back into the vales of the Great River from the South. They are welcomed by Radagast the Brown to ‘live in amongst the more pleasant woods in the valleys and along the river-shores’. Some of them have been persuaded to leave their lands and move north by Saruman the White, who is working with the Brown Wizard in an attempt to strengthen the communities living around Gladden Fields; others have heard about Beorn and the watch he keeps over the lands to the north of the Old Ford.
  • Year 2911: An extremely fierce and long cold season begins in November. Remembered as the Fell Winter, its frozen grip doesn’t release the regions of the North from snow and ice for five months. Rivers and lakes are frozen over, and white wolves descend from the frozen wastes of the far North.

    When the frigid winds finally relent in March of the following year, rivers overflow with the melting of the snow and many lands are flooded as a result. It is about this time that the Long Marshes spread extensively, extending from the Old Forest road to the Forest River. (LORE: Feat 9, Success 4 and 1)

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 03 Aug 2015, 13:40
by Ellisidil
My family history attaches itself to Gandalf the Grey and his pursuits with the Eagles, hence the nickname. First memory is of an arrow flying through the sky from a great distance and hitting its target. Watching that target fall from across that great expanse is why I started to study both archery and the lore behind the bow, and the lands around where I my family finally settled.

Ellisidil stands right at 6 feet, brownish hair, blue/grey piercing eyes. He is a solid 210 in weight having worked hard at sword play, archery, and throwing daggers. He is still too young for facial hair but his eyes are full of wisdom. When he stands he stands as if he is 6’ 8” or higher. Ellisidil is mostly an un-assuming man unless he needs to be otherwise.

He learned to be courteous to everyone until intentions are known and to show respect when speaking. When Ellisidil speaks, he speaks as a matter of fact, doesn’t like to brag. Though he knows the history that was taught to him by parents and teachers he has been told to give his best advice no matter who is around, and to apologize for any slight afterwards. As it may save lives. When he introduces himself he stands tall, much like a U.S. Marine would and gives the respect due at that point in time.

Ellisidil has the nickname of “the Eagle” for two reasons. The first is being that lineage intertwines with that of the men of Westernesse. This line, however, goes back shortly after the fall of Sauron and the calamity that happened when the kingdoms of the Westernesse began to fall. This around the same time frame that the wizards came to middle earth, hence the reason why I have a connection with them. The tale goes that a stranger was taken in with serious injuries that took a lot of time to heal; he then fell in love with the woman taking care of him and had a child. This is the beginning of my tale.

The second reason I am called “the Eagle” is that along with the men of Westernesse, we are also entwined with the wizards my family and tribe has helped out both Radagast and Gandalf in their adventures. Though we played minor parts in helping them when they first came to middle earth, we have always been intertwined in their adventures. Thus the reasons for the eagles help in the recent events with Gandalf and in the destruction of Smaug.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 03 Aug 2015, 14:08
by Fieranor of Imladris
That is absolutely excellent, and I have no qualms about that, at all. Would you say Ellisidil has had the opportunity to visit the Eagle's Eyrie, or is that still a goal of the character. I ask because I may have a little bit more information I could give for Ellisidil, but the likelihood is it's nothing that would not be available to a character using their Lore talent, but your character would already have that knowledge, at least some of it.

I'm sending you a PM in a few minutes.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 03 Aug 2016, 13:31
by Fieranor of Imladris
(GP Addition, found out from Galion of the Woodland Realm: The Lady Galadriel, Sarumon the White, Lord Elrond Half-elven and Gandalf the Grey forced the Necromancer out of Dol Guldur prior to the slaying of Smaug the Terrible.) ~ Added to character's knowledge of history.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 17 Aug 2016, 18:52
by Fieranor of Imladris
I have something of a writing assignment for you, and I want you to take your time with it, but have it done by the end of September, please? It IS something that’s important to the game, something important to interactions for your character, and is worth Experience Points...

Your character has both Valor and Wisdom as characteristics in the game, valor for a representation of the characters strength and prowess in deeds done for yourself, for your tribe and/or culture, and wisdom for doing things the smart way, figuring things out, knowing how and what to resist and when. The One Ring has, during the Adventure Phase portions of our game, three sub-phases, one of which is the Encounter Phase, where you come meet people who are of different, at least, and if not higher stations than you. For example, at the beginning of The Marsh-bell, Glóin asked for you each to introduce yourselves, and you did, but we didn’t actually use the Interaction rules of the game; Glóin, being of higher station because he’s already been an adventurer, because he traveled with Thorin Oakenshield, and because he’s a trusted confidante of King Ironfoot, should have held you to your station, which is much lower than his, because you’ve not yet earned your chops. The game has a social value for every single character in the game, including your Player-hero.

There are two portions to the Interaction Phase, the Introduction and the Interaction; the former concerns, as I’ve explained, laying down a codex for your character in front of whomever you’re interacting with, which means you tell them of your deeds. Well, there are those you will interact with who will value Valor over Wisdom, and vice-versa.

So, your assignment is this, and it should help you to make a history for your character, is to write an Introduction for your character, how they stand in front of others, their general appearance, and then to lay out, in quotation marks to delineate that you’re speaking, what your deeds of Wisdom are for your Wisdom introduction, and then to write a separate post about your deeds of Valor. From here out, once you’ve written that introduction, you will edit it periodically with any greater deeds you may have done, either in Wisdom and/or Valor, and you will try to keep it to one paragraph in length, please? To clarify, one short paragraph, up to five sentences, to DESCRIBE your character, and then up to seven sentences in a second paragraph as dialog to introduce yourself to any character of higher station.

Two simple rules... the first is to be courteous in what you write, and the second is to invent stuff you think your character would have done. Obviously, not enough of the game has gone by, yet, to allow you to really embellish, so develop some things that took place prior to your character’s adventuring career. If you're able to get this done prior to September, that's great... otherwise, your interactions, oh so difficult to do at earlier stages of Fellowship development, could completely fall by the wayside.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 20 Aug 2016, 11:17
by Ellisidil
Will this assignment, if I choose to accept it, self destruct in 5 seconds...and it sounds I will accept...

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 20 Aug 2016, 12:16
by Fieranor of Imladris
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Your First Fellowship Phase ~ Spending Experience Points

Posted: 07 Oct 2016, 23:02
by Fieranor of Imladris
This post is the first of five posts regarding the Fellowship Phase, and is coming as your Company is deciding whether you will remain together and attend to the Eagle’s Eyrie, or if you will temporarily disband and go Home, or to another Sanctuary. While you continue to role-play and, eventually, get to making that decision, there are some steps of the Fellowship Phase which can be taken care of, now, as they do not require you to be in any particular location to make them happen; nor must they absolutely be done in any particular sequence.

So, we’re going to begin with spending Experience Points; in The One Ring there are two types of experience you may acquire and those are Experience Points (XP) and Advancement Points (AP).

Please open your character sheet and follow along; thank you.

APs are used strictly for Common Skills, the eighteen skills available in the skill matrix you see in the middle of the front side of your character record sheet. In this portion of the Fellowship Phase, I’m concerned more with XP, which are used to improve Weapon Skills, Valor or Wisdom, and/or one of your Attributes.

Before we get into spending your XP, let’s take a look at your character record and see how many total XP you have. If you’ll look toward the Upper-right of your sheet, you’ll see the title Exp. Pts.; beneath that title, you’ll see bubbles with titles above them for Available and Total. The Available bubble lists the general experience you have that can be distributed anywhere among Weapon Skills, Valor and Wisdom, and Attributes; we’ll go over those, soon, but for now stick with me. The Total bubble tells you the running total of XP you’ve earned throughout the life of the game, thus far; these are for record-keeping purposes only. :) You’ll notice the Available and Total numbers are not the same, that Available is lower than Total, but all you need worry about is the number in the Available bubble, as the remainder of your XP are spread among the items you can improve only with XP. We will figure that out together; keep reading.

You might be asking, how are Experience and Advancement Points awarded, and I will tell you there are two ways I award them, and a third way to earn them through general role-playing and posting...
  1. Generic: If you perform well in role-playing, in helping the Company to develop plans, in figuring out how to overcome certain problems, in fighting, but your action does not match anything specific in the mechanics of the game or a skill or characteristic on your character record sheet, you gain a generic point, something that can be distributed as YOU see fit into the skills and/or characteristics on your character sheet. Likewise, any points earned from post-count come to the generic pool;
  2. Specific: If you perform any of the actions, as per generic, above, but the action DOES match a skill or characteristic on your character record sheet, the point earned goes to THAT specific skill or characteristic;
  3. Post-count: As you’re posting through the course of the game, I evaluate each post to determine if the post advances your character’s story, the story of a fellow character, the story of the entire Company, or the story not relating directly to your Player-heroes. Few of the posts that advance your character’s story as opposed to that of the whole Company will be considered acceptable, while nearly all made to advance the whole Company’s story, or the overall story, will count. Writing dialog for your character, addressing the whole of the Company is a good post example, while writing about your own character’s constant state of readiness or wariness is not; as well, OOC posts that do not advance the story are not counted, while those that clearly work toward fast-planning and do move the current Phase and/or the entire story along will almost certainly count. I keep a record of these good posts for entry into a spreadsheet I have built so you can be awarded for your “write-playing” and, again, they are added to your generic points, both Experience and Advancement.
Ellisidil has a total of 30 XP, but only 25 general XP. The remainder of the Available XP for this character are placed as follows...
  • Spear 0, and it would cost you 2 XP to purchase the first Rank of this skill. As you already have one XP in Spear, it would only cost you 1 more XP to gain the Weapon Skill;
  • If you wish to pick up a NEW Weapon Skill, it will cost you 2 XP;
  • Valor 1 and/or Wisdom 2, will cost 4 XP to improve Valor to 2 and 6 XP to improve Wisdom to 3. You may choose either Valor of Wisdom to improve by ONLY one (1) Rank during THIS Fellowship Phase, though you are NOT required to improve either. This choice is made during each Fellowship Phase. You already have 1 XP in Valor, so your cost to improve it is reduced to 3 XP, and for Wisdom you have 3 XP, meaning the cost to improve it would also be only 3 XP, but you can only select ONE or the other to improve it;
  • Attributes can be improved, but this is very costly, and only one Attribute can be improved by 1 point between adventures, though you are NOT required to improve any attribute, if you don’t want to. You CAN place any remaining Available XP next to an attribute if you have plans to eventually improve it; note that once XP is moved from the generic pool, it cannot later be re-purposed. Attributes may be improved no more than five points EACH over the life of the character.
If you’re wondering where I am getting my XP cost values, click here to open the Advancement post on our forums and scroll down until you see the title “WEAPON SKILL, VALOR AND WISDOM IMPROVEMENTS”.

You can see the costs associated with character improvement using XP for each Rank, and each Rank has its own cost associated; these costs are cumulative. Ie – If you wished to purchase a Weapon Skill Rank from 2 to 3, it would cost you 6 XP; if, however, you wished to increase it from 3 to 4, the cost would be another 10 XP. If you decided to increase two ranks at one time, the total would be 16 XP between Ranks 2 and 4. Weapon Skills that are favored cost the same amount of XP to improve as non-favored. If you are an Elf of Rivendell or a Ranger from the North, your associated XP costs are higher for these skills.

Once you have determined how you wish to spend your Experience Points, please post your plan in this thread, so I can update your character sheet. If you are maintaining a printed copy of your own character record, or even one on the computer, you will be able to use the copy I will upload soon to ensure you have the correct numbers. If your numbers don’t match mine bring it up with me, here, and I will double-check my numbers and, if an explanation is required, I will post one in this thread, as well.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 00:08
by Ellisidil
Okay, this is what I want to do with my Experience points. I want to upgrade my Valor by one point. I want to upgrade my Body by one point. Lastly I want to upgrade my Long sword one point.

Your First Fellowship Phase ~ Spending Advancement Points

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 18:48
by Fieranor of Imladris
Ellisidil wrote:I want to upgrade my Valor by one point.
Alright, since you've raised your Valor, you get to pick one Reward. Do you still want the Feathered Armor? If so, as your story goes for Ellisidil, it would actually be presented at the Eagle's Eyrie. If not, please go to page 8, here, with the heading Rewards and choose a different Reward, please?
I want to upgrade my Body by one point. Lastly I want to upgrade my Long sword one point.
Alright, you didn't state it in your post, here, but did you also want to purchase Spear at Rank 1, which would actually only cost you 1 of your remaining general XP, since you have 1 XP actually already in Spear? That would leave you with 2XP, which of course you're welcome to leave there, or you could place it somewhere else, as well.
In this portion of the Fellowship Phase, we’re working with Advancement Points. Go ahead and open your character record sheet, again, and this forum post, and scroll down to the table “COMMON SKILL IMPROVEMENTS”. As discussed in the Spending Experience Points post, APs are used strictly to improve Common Skills, those eighteen skills available in the skill matrix found in the middle of the front side of your character record sheet. The Available and Total bubbles found at the upper-right of your character sheet, under the Adv. Pts. title work the very same as with XP, so be mindful of the Available points you have to distribute among your Common Skills as you see fit, though I still recommend that you leave these points where they are until you determine how, or even IF you wish to distribute them among your Common Skills.

Ellisidil has a total of 22 AP, but only 8 general AP. The remainder of the AP for this character are placed as follows...
  • Awareness 2, and it would cost you 10 AP to improve to Rank 3;
  • Travel as a Half-Skill, and it would cost you 2 AP to improve to Rank 1;
  • Insight as a Half-Skill, and it would cost you 2 AP to improve to Rank 1;
  • Healing 3, and it would cost you 8 AP to improve to Rank 4;
  • Battle 1, and it would cost you 5 AP to improve to Rank 2;
  • Lore 2, and it would cost you 8 AP to improve to Rank 2;
  • If you wish to pick up a NEW Common Skill, it will cost you 4 APs for non-favored, or 3 APs for favored.
Remember, costs are incremental and cumulative for Common Skills, as they are for Weapon Skills, Valor and Wisdom, and Attribute improvements. What this means is, if you wished to purchase a Common Skill Rank from 2 to 3, it would cost you 12 AP for non-favored or 9 AP for favored; if, however, you wished to increase it from 3 to 4, the cost would be another 16 AP for non-favored or 12 AP favored. Moving a non-favored skill from Rank 2 to 4 would cost a total of 28 AP, while for favored the cost would be only 21 AP.

The AP costs associated with favored Common Skills is lower than the normal cost, so be mindful which column of the Advancement Points chart you’re looking at.

Once you have determined how you wish to spend your Advancement Points, please post your plan in this thread, so I can update your character sheet.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 22:32
by Ellisidil
For now, I want to leave all my experience points alone and not do anymore to them. I will let them accumulate so that I can do a little more with the next go round. I will wait for the feathered armor.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 22:45
by Ellisidil
On the general Advancement points, I would like to bring all of my half pointers up to a full point. I believe that is travel, insight, courtesy, and persuade. Since I have 2 points in travel that should make it a full point. I believe I would have to put 1 point in for insight to make it a full point. And going on what you have said so far, I believe that it would only cost me 4 more of the Advancement points to make the other 2 (courtesy & persuade) up to full point each. Which I believe leaves me with 3 of the general Advancement points left over. If that is the case, I will hold off on spending anymore until we talk.

Re: the Eagle (Ellisidil) of Wilderland - Dan F

Posted: 12 Oct 2016, 00:07
by Fieranor of Imladris
Ellisidil wrote:I will wait for the feathered armor.
You won't have to wait long, I hope... from now until the beginning of the next Adventure Phase, it's all RP, writing stories, and choosing stuff. You'll have it before then.
Ellisidil wrote:On the general Advancement points, I would like to bring all of my half pointers up to a full point. I believe that is travel, insight, courtesy, and persuade. Since I have 2 points in travel that should make it a full point. I believe I would have to put 1 point in for insight to make it a full point. And going on what you have said so far, I believe that it would only cost me 4 more of the Advancement points to make the other 2 (courtesy & persuade) up to full point each. Which I believe leaves me with 3 of the general Advancement points left over. If that is the case, I will hold off on spending anymore until we talk.
Ahh, no... the costs for Common Skills are more expensive. The three skills that are non-favored, which are Travel, Insight, and Courtesy, would be 4 each for Rank one, though with the three points you have in the skills, already, that would be 9 on their own. The favored skill, Persuade, will cost 3 APs.

If you chose Travel, Insight, and Persuade, that would take care of all 8 of your Advancement Points; however, I'll leave those decisions up to you.