Torg Die Roller

This forum is for Matthias' player, Jason M. to place any personal notes or record anything concerning the Torg RPG we are playing.
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Torg Die Roller

Unread post by Matthias » 08 Dec 2013, 15:20

I am putting this here just in case there is anyone who might want to use Truly Random on an Android.

If anyone does decide to use this and needs help importing the custom die onto their phones please let me know.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<title>Torg Die Roller</title>
<name>die1</name> <expression>e10</expression> </variable>
<name>die2</name> <expression>e10</expression> </variable>
<title>Roll Total = %% Bonus = %%<br /><br />Die1 : %% x10 + %%<br /><br />Die2 : %% x10 + %%</title>
<expression>die1 + die2</expression>
<expression>ifeq((die1 + die2),1,-12,ifeq((die1 + die2),2,-10,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),2,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),5,1,0),-8,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),4,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),7,1,0),-5,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),6,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),9,1,0),-2,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),8,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),11,1,0),-1,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),10,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),13,1,0),0,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),12,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),15,1,0),1,ifeq(ifgt((die1 + die2),14,1,0),iflt((die1 + die2),20,1,0),(die1 + die2) - 13,ifgt((die1 + die2),19,ceil((die1 + die2),5) + 3,-1000))))))))))</expression>
<expression>floor (die1, 10)</expression>
<expression>die1-floor (die1, 10)*10</expression>
<expression>floor (die2, 10)</expression>
<expression>die2-floor (die2, 10)*10</expression>
The code will need to be saved as a .xml file, then put onto the phone.
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Re: Torg Die Roller

Unread post by Sir Alain Fisk » 17 Jan 2014, 11:09

I don't have the first clue why this didn't show up in my email? It doesn't even show up as a new post for me when I go to view new posts. Jason, I apologize, and intend to get this out to the rest ASAP. Thank you.
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