Wizard/Wicket ~ Act Two (A Giant Magic Needle in a...)

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Wizard/Wicket ~ Act Two (A Giant Magic Needle in a...)

Unread postby Sir Alain Fisk » 17 Jul 2014, 10:54

GameMaster Note
A Wizard in the Wicket
Act Two: A Giant Magic Needle in a...
Scene One: High-Tech Inquisition


Date/Time: 21 September 2013, 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days into the Invasion
Place: Toulon, France
The Situation: From the moment you step off the old DC-10 airplane onto the Tarmac at Toulon, you feel eyes upon you; each of you feels you are being watched –perhaps you exchange nervous looks, perform actions such as walking out of your way to see if eyes and/or people continue to follow you, to prove it. As you are getting to baggage claim to pick up your things, a group of three men walk up to Matthias and whomever is closest to him and, speaking French, explains,

“Matthias Angst. You and your friends are under arrest per the rules of the Inquisition. You are in violation of the holy laws of cyberware, and of invading the righteous sanctity of the Covenant of Cyberpriests.” He smirks and continues, “You did not think you could violate the access deck of Father Cornelius without leaving a trace for us to find, did you?” Then, in English, he explains,

“You and your compatriots will now come with us.” The man to the Inquisitor’s right pulls out a pair of handcuffs as the Inquisitor himself reaches for your arm…

Those who do not understand French will not get the chiding Matthias is getting from the Inquisition Police Officer.

It's up to you guys how you decide to handle this. If you decide to talk amongst yourselves to determine a course of action, I would ask you to make sure you use the OOC tags, the links for which are provided above the editing window, toward the lower-right of the row of tags -you can click these to get both opening and closing tags, and you can highlight whatever you want to enclose and then click the button to get tags at each end. I would also ask you not to take too long in deciding, so the game can continue on, please?


NOTE: Use the following for your rolls on invisiblecastle.com/roller; Number of Rolls: 1, Dice: 2d10.extra(10), then copy the line of text inside the box on the results page, not any of the links. Next, find your bonus number from the Bonus Number chart on your character sheet, then add that bonus to the appropriate skill or attribute value -do NOT add the dice roll itself-, along with any other modifiers from abilities or technology to generate your total.