Torg Eternity ~ Possibility Blackout

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Torg Eternity ~ Possibility Blackout

Unread post by Fieranor of Imladris » 27 Apr 2019, 13:55

For Immediate Release ~
Torg Eternity: Possibility Blackout on DriveThru RPG, ... y-Blackout

The lives of your fellow Storm Knights are being taken, a small wisp of smoke escaping their nose or mouth followed by a strangling and destructive death; they aren’t able to fight back because there is no clear enemy to resist. You have watched them die, and you know you could be next; whatever is causing this must be stopped before it takes the lives of others, before this Possibility War is lost to the High Lords in their alternate realities.

Who or what is doing this and how can it be stopped!?

Possibility Blackout is an adventure designed to introduce between three-and-seven players -your Storm Knights- to the world of Torg Eternity, by Ulisses Spiele, though experienced Knights may also find this to be fun. You will journey to three alternate realities to stop the energy being drained from the warriors needed to defeat the High Lords and their minions. Can you do so before the point of no return, before Earth becomes little more than a vacant hulk in space?

This adventure is heavily based on the one released in the Adventure Book of the Torg: Role-Playing the Possibility Wars original box set in 1990, known as Before the Dawn. It's been heavily updated for Torg Eternity, new statistics, a new, clean, in-depth story, and new possible outcomes.

Writing this has been a labor of love, and I truly believe you will enjoy it.
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