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Sir Alain Fisk
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Forum and Topic Subscriptions

Unread post by Sir Alain Fisk » 14 Aug 2013, 11:07

Okay, the email was useless, so here it is, instead, where I know it will work...

Good morning, again,

Alright, I’ve been trying to work out how best to get those of you who do not receive notifications, normally, to be able to do so. I’ve found out there are three kinds of notifications that go out…

1) When you start a topic, you are automagically subscribed and SHOULD receive all notifications from THAT topic;

2) In your settings, you have the ability to turn off topic notification receipts. By default, these are turned on so, if you’ve not modified anything concerning topic notifications in your profile –you would, obviously, know it if you did–, then you should receive notifications to any forum you respond in;

3) You can subscribe to a forum and/or topics within the forum. I have not found a way to subscribe to whole categories, as yet, so you have to do it from forum level or deeper. If you’re either not receiving notification from topics you begin, or topics you respond in, then you should try this method, please? I am assured this method sends out appropriate email; you may receive more notifications, depending on the number of topics responded to, and also because I believe this sends out an email for each and every response, but you SHOULD, at least, receive notifications.

This email deals with showing you how to do that. From the forum level, as with the following image of our forum, look toward the bottom left of the following, where it says ‘Unsubscribe Forum’. As this was taken from my account, and I automatically subscribe to all new non-character forums and topics, yours will actually say ‘Subscribe Forum’ if you’ve not already subscribed to it. Click that and you’ll be subscribed to the forum.
Subscribe Forum.jpg
From the topic level, as with the following image of our present game, look under the ‘New Topic’ and ‘Post Reply’ buttons to see ‘Unsubscribe Topic’, where yours will, likely, say, ‘Subscribe Topic’. Click that and you’ll be subscribed to the topic.
Subscribe Topic.jpg
If you would like further assistance with this, please let me know and I’ll help all I can?

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Re: Forum and Topic Subscriptions

Unread post by Fieranor of Imladris » 22 Jun 2016, 01:53

phpBB forums have ALWAYS had a problem with getting email out and, unfortunately, there are now a LOT of black-list sites that are over-active when it comes to forums. The ONLY thing that can be done is for players to check the forums daily while their game is active; until the emailing public and the folks at phpBB figure out how to get mail from forums out to their subscribers faithfully, which likely will require all of these black-list sites to lighten up the requirements for a proper email to go through their server -which is bloody unlikely to happen-, we're stuck with what we have.
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