There are many careers that have been produced in addition to those carried throughout all of the books written and published by both Green Ronin and Fantasy Flight Games for WFRP 2nd Edition, before the game was laid to rest.  Many of them are redundant, unnecessary or, at least, excessive in nature, not truly adding anything to the game on the whole; at least, not into the way I run my games.  I have the lion's share, if not all of them, downloaded and, perhaps some day, I will begin tracking down their author's and asking permission to post them.  Until that time, below are the career(s) I've developed for the game...

The Buia-Drúadan

      My version of Samurai in Olde World Nippon, as based on work done by Leonpoi in the Unofficial Tome of Careers.  Click on the title, above, to see the page for the Buia-Drúadan.  I developed this for a friend of mine for our tabletop game, though he apparently did not appreciate the level of work I put into it; perhaps someone else will.

      Alright, fellow gamers, that's all there is, for the time being.  If any of these help you in your gaming, then I would be very happy to hear about it.

LAST UPDATED: 15 November 2012; more to come

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