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Historical Time-Line
  -=+ BY AGE +=-

General Inner Sphere History

Establishment of the Wolf Family Patents. 2407        
Amaris-Kerensky Civil War Begins. 2767  
Operation Liberation Begins. 2777  
Stefan Amaris Executed. 2779  
Operation: Exodus Begins. 2784  
(NOTE: Nearly all of the Wolf Family records kept from the beginning of the Amaris Usurper War until near the end of the 3rd Succession War either went with Kerensky, or were lost to the ravages of the 1st, 2nd, and the first half of the 3rd Succession War.  Efforts have been made to recover the records, though to no avail, thus far.)
1st Succession War begins. 2786  
1st Succession War ends (35 years). 2821  
2nd Succession War begins. 2830  
2nd Succession War ends (34 years). 2864  
3rd Succession War begins. 2866  
Alexander Wolf born. 7/29/2937  

Pre-Wolf Family Mercenary Units, LLC History

Jeremiah Wolf born on New Aragon. 3/19/2964 B      
2964: CC Decree of Martial Unity issued, Eugenio Rosario killed.
2966: FWL Concord of Danais signed.
2979: Adrienne Sims dies, Yin Takami named Primus of ComStar, ComStar Tripitz affair takes place, ComStar Operation Holy Shroud II begins.
J. Wolf enters New Avalon Military Academy (NAMA). 9/'80 - 5/'83 16 - 19      
2980: Ingrid Liao dies, Tormax Liao named Chancellor of Capellan Confederation, Giovanni Steiner dies, Alessandro Steiner named Lyran Commonwealth Archon.
J. Wolf in 3rd Crucis Lancers. 6/'83 - 4/'95 19 - 31      
J. Wolf & Mercedes Gilwood marry; David Wolf born on Ozawa. 3/21/'84 20 B    
2985: Clan Sea Fox becomes Clan Diamond Shark.
2987: Lyran Commonwealth Deep Raid of 2987.
2988: Capellan Confederation Death Commandos formed, ComStar First Circuit reorganized to include Tharkad, Atreus, Sian, and New Avalon.
2989: Free World's League Special Resolution 512 passed, Draconis Combine Strike of 2989.
2990: Tormax Liao deposed, Maximilian Liao named Chancellor of Capellan Confederation.
2991: Stephan Marik dies, Janos Marik named Captain-General of Free World's League.
2994: Yin Takami dies, Allen Rusenstein named Primus of ComStar.
J. Wolf in 1st Robinson Rangers. 4/'95 - 9/3002 31 - 38 11 - 18    
2996: Free World's League Accountability Edict issued, Free World's League Logistics Act passed.
2999: Andrew Davion dies, Ian Davion named Federated Suns First Prince.
D. Wolf at New Avalon Military Academy (NAMA). 5/3000 - 9/'03 36 - 39 16 - 19    
3000: ComStar begins extensive recruitment in the Periphery, Takashi Kurita named Commander of the Draconis Combine Otomo.
3001: ComStar begins supplying Bandit Kings.
3002: Lyran Commonwealth Operation Concentrated Weakness begins.

Wolf's Cavaliers

J. Wolf Leaves Armed Forces Fed Suns, Starts Wolf's Cavaliers. 9/'02 - 7/29/'06 38 - 42 18 - 22    
3003: Michael Hasek marries Marie Davion-St. Claire.
3004: ComStar Jolly Roger Affair takes place, Hohiro Kurita assassinated, Takashi Kurita named Draconis Combine Coordinator, Wolf's Dragoons leave for the Inner Sphere.
3005: Capellan Confederation Ministry of Development reorganized, Wolf's Dragoons appear in Federated Suns at Delos IV.
3006: Thomas Marik joins ComStar, Allen Rusenstein resigns, Julian Tiepolo named Primus of ComStar.  Wolf's Cavaliers complete training and enter mercenary contract market.
3007: Alessandro Steiner is forced to retire, Katrina Steiner named Lyran Commonwealth Archon.
Contract 1: w/Fed Suns vs. Free World's League 3/'08 - 12/'08 44 24    
J. Wolf Land Grant, Knighted. 2/'09 44 24    
D. Wolf Takes Command of B-Co (becomes Red Death Squadron) 2/'09 44 24    
D. Wolf & Lisa Kahl Digby Marry. 3/26/'09 45 25    
Contract 2: w/Fed Suns vs. Draconis Combine 5/'09 - 11/'09 45 25    
3009: Wolf's Dragoons return to Clan Wolf for refitting, Marius O'Reilly named Marian Hegemony Imperator.
Stephanie Wolf Born on Rochester. 10/5/'09 45 25 B  
Contract 3: w/Fed Suns vs. Draconis Combine/Free World's League. 5/'10 - 5/'12 46 - 48 26 - 28 0 - 2  
3010: ComStar instigates the Marik Civil War.
3012: Tamara Centrella dies, Kyalla Centrella named MC Magestrix.
J. Wolf Land Grant, appointed Baron of Waterworld; Move from Rochester to Waterworld. 11/'12 - 04/'16 48 - 52 28 - 32 3 - 6  
3013: Ian Davion killed, Hanse Davion named Fed Suns First Prince, Michael Hasek-Davion named Duke of New Syrtis.
Contract 4: w/Lyran Commonwealth vs. Draconis Combine. 3 - 6/'14 50 30 4  
3014: Anton Marik begins Marik Civil War.
Contract 5: w/Lyran Commonwealth vs. Free World's League. 6/'15 - 1/'16 51 31 6  
3015: Anton Marik kills Joshua Wolf and is, in turn, killed by Wolf's Dragoons, ComStar Precentor ROM Vesar Kristofur excommunicated, Fed Suns New Avalon Institute of Science created, Neil Avellar II named Outworld's Alliance Parliamentary President.
Contract 6-9: w/Fed Suns, Garrison. 7/'16 - 5/'20 52 - 56 32 - 36 7 - 10  
Mercedes Wolf's Death on Crossing. 4/17/'20 56 36 10  
3017: Thomas Calderon named Taurian Concordat Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds.
3019: Wolf's Dragoons return to Clan Wolf again for refitting, Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade marry.
3020: Capellan Confederation makes contact with Michael Hasek-Davion, Katrina Steiner sends Peace Proposal to all Houses, Outworld's Alliance Educational Exchange Program begins.

Equal Opportunity Destroyers

Contract 10: w/Lyran Commonwealth vs. Draconis Combine; David Wolf Takes Command of Wolf's Cavaliers. 2/'21 - 9/'21 56 - 57 36 - 37 11  
Contract 11: w/Fed Suns vs. Capellan Confederation 3/'22 - 7/'22 58 - D 38 12  
Jeremiah Wolf's Death. 5/19/'22 D 38 12  
3022: Concord of Kapteyn signed, McCarron's War begins, Federated-Commonwealth Alliance Document signed (Not official or known).
Unit Renamed Equal Opportunity Destroyers; Break: Recovery, Training, Waterworld Administration. 8/'22 - 10/'26 - 38 - 42 12 - 17  
Stephanie Wolf at Outreach Military MechWarrior Academy 5/'24 - 2/'26 - 39 - 41 15 - 16  
3rd Succession War Ends (159 years) 3025  
3025: McCarron's War ends, Capellan Confederation Operation Doppelganger takes place.
3026: Fed Suns Operation Galahad 3026 takes place.
Stephanie Wolf at New Avalon Institute of Science; affair w/James Thomas (J.T.) Crossman (Hansen's Roughriders) 5/'26 - 10/'29 - 41 - 45 17 - 20  
3027: Fed Suns Operation Galahad 3027 takes place, Lyran Commonwealth Operation Thor 3027 takes place.
Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner marry, 4th Succession War Begins. 3028  
3028: Tormana Liao captured by Fed Suns, Fed Suns Northwind Agreement takes effect, Capellena Confederation Operation Riposte takes place, Gray Death Legion discovers Helm Star League Library Core, Wolf's Dragoons take An Ting HPG, Wolf's Dragoons leave Draconis Combine, Federated Commonwealth unofficially formed (not official, yet), Maria Morgraine and Redjack Ryan marry, Greater Valkyrate formed.
3029: St. Ives Compact formed, Tikonov Free Republic formed, Capellan Confederation Operation Intruders Communion takes place, Fed Suns framed for destruction of Sarna HPG and Interdicted by ComStar, ComStar covertly attacks New Avalon Institute of Science, Julian Tiepolo dies, Myndo Waterly named Primus of ComStar, ComStar 'Mechs stationed at Fed Suns HPGs, Fed Suns Interdiction lifted, Draconis Combine and Wolf's Dragoons battle on Crossing, Michael Hasek-Davion killed.
Contract 12: w/Fed Suns, Garrison. 11/'26 - 11/'31 - 42 - 47 17 - 22  
Kay Wolf Born. 7/29/'30 - 46 20 B
4th Succession War Ends (2 years). 3030  
3030: Duchy of Andurien secedes from Free World's League, Free World's League Internal Emergency Act passed, ComStar Operation Rosebud initiated, Theodore Kurita named Draconis Combine Gunji no Kanrei, Fed Suns Sarna March created, Andurien/Magistracy of Canopus invasion of Capellan Confederation begins, ComStar gives Star League Battlemechs to Draconis Combine.
Break: Retraining 12/'31 - 11/'33 - 47 - 49 22 - 24 1 - 3
3031: Thomas Marik leaves ComStar, Fed Suns absorbs Tikonov Free Republic.
3032: Circinus Federation President C. J. McIntyre dies, H. R. McIntyre named Circinus Federation President, Black Warriors commander Adam Cirion dies, H. R. McIntyre named commander of Black Warriors.
Contract 13: w/Fed Suns vs. Free World's League, until Janos Marik's Death in June '35 12/'33 - 6/'35 - 49 - 51 24 - 25 3 - 4
3034: Free Rasalhague Republic formed, ComStar Operation Rosebud ends, Anastasius Focht joins ComStar, ComStar Operation Flush begins, Draconis Combine Ronin War takes place, Fed Suns and Lyran Commonwealth undergo Skye Crisis, Neil Avellar II marries Rebecca DeSanders, Edward Calderon dies, Janice Calderon tours Taurian Concordat, Circinus Federation begins invasion of Illyrian Palatinate.
Waterworld Tragedy. 7 - 11/'35 - 51 25 - 26 4
3035: Janos and Duggan Marik killed by a bomb, which also wounds Thomas Marik, Duncan Marik named Captain-General of Free World's League, ComStar Readjustment Act of 3035 passed, Mitchell Avellar born, Marian Hegemony invades Astrokaszy.
Break: Retraining and Waterworld Tragedy Recovery. 11/'35 - 12/'40 - 51 - 56 25 - 31 4 - 10
S. Wolf Takes Command of Shadow Blade. 7/'36 - 52 26 5
3036: Thomas Marik named Captain-General of Free World's League, Maximilian Liao dies, Romano Liao named Chancellor of Capellan Confederation.
3037: Free World's League Addendum to the Incorporation passed, Andurien regained by Free World's League, Taurian Concordat Minister of Trade and Colonization arrested, Camillo Avellar born, Galahad Frews named Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis.
Rebuilding EOD. 11/'38 - 12/'40 - 54 - 56 29 - 31 8 - 10
3038: ComStar 'Mechs stationed at Capellan Confederation HPGs, Janice Calderon contracts Brisbane Virus, Patrice Avellar born.
3039: War of 3039 begins, Katrina Steiner abdicates, Melissa Steiner-Davion named Lyran Commonwealth Archon.
3040: War of 3039 ends, Katrina Steiner dies, Kyalla Centrella removed, Emma Centrella named Magistracy of Canopus Magestrix.
Contract 14: w/Fed Suns, Garrison; Kay on-planet with Mom. 12/'40 - 5/'45 - 56 - 61 31 - 35 10 - 14
3041: ComStar 'Mechs stationed at Lyran Commonwealth HPGs, Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth created (not official, yet).
3042: Ian Calderon joins Green Mountain Boys, Circinus Civil War begins, Paula Trevaline killed.
3043: Free World's League General Accounting Office created.
3044: ComStar Operation Flush ends.
3046: Felix Calderon's Jumpship disappears.
Contract 15: w/Capellan Confederation, Pirate Hunting 4/'47 - 7/'49 - 63 - 65 37 - 39 16 - 18
Kay Wolf at Tremaine Military MechWarrior Academy. 5/'47 - 9/'49 - 63 - 65 37 - 40 16 - 19
3047: Joshua Marik born, Taurian Concordat forces destroy misjumped FedCom JumpShip, Taurian Concordat begins military buildup.
3048: ComStar Explorer Corps vessel Outbound Light encounters Clan Smoke Jaguar, Bidding for the right to invade takes place, Marius O'Reilly dies, Sean O'Reilly named Marian Hegemony Imperator, Sean O'Reilly's title changed to Caesar, Marian Hegemony military buildup begins, James Moroney forms Rim Collection.
David Wolf's Death. 8/15/'49 - D 39 19

Armageddon Unlimited

Change of Command Ceremony; Unit Renamed Armageddon Unlimited. 12/15/'49 - - 40 19
3049: Clan Operation Revival begins, ComStar makes contact with the Clans.

Post-MWO Armageddon Unlimited

3050: Anastasius Focht appointed ComStar ambassador to the Clans, Clans invade the Inner Sphere, ilKhan Leo Showers killed, Battle for Wolcott, ComStar begins aiding the Clans, FedCom retakes Twycross, Turtle Bay Massacre, Invasion halted.
3051: Ulric Kerensky voted ilKhan of the Clans, Natasha Kerensky named Khan of Clan Wolf, Reserve Clans brought in, Invasion resumes, Camelot Command taken by Clan Snord, Magistracy of Canopus makes overtures to Periphery states about Periphery-wide alliance.
Lisa Wolf's Death on Tremaine IV. 12/23/'51 - - 42 21
3052: Battle for Luthien, Battle of Tukayyid, Demona Aziz rebels and forms WoB, Thomas Marik named Primus-in-Exile of Word of Blake, Free World's League signs HPG service contract with WoB, Romano Liao assassinated, Sun-Tzu Liao named Chancellor of Capellan Confederation, Sun-Tzu Liao betrothed to Isis Marik, ComStar Operation Scorpion takes place, Myndo Waterly assassinated, Sharilar Mori named Primus of ComStar, All Houses but Marik sign new service contracts with ComStar, Hanse Davion dies, Phelan Ward named saKhan of Clan Wolf, Clan Ghost Bear suspends individual engagement rules, New Belt Pirates formed.
3053: Terran Peace Summit takes place, ComStar begins announcing troop movements, Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission replaces ComStar Mercenary Review Board, ComStar University of Blake begins construction, Jeffrey Calderon and Emma Centrella begin secret negotiations.
Contract 16: w/Draconis Combine, Combat Campaign vs. FedCom 2/'53 - 1/'54 - - 43 - 44 22 - 23
Stephanie Wolf Medically Retired. 12/'53 - - 44 23
Contract 17: w/Free World's League, Static Defense. 8/'54 - 1/'56 - - 44 - 46 24 - 25
3054: Takashi Kurita commits seppuku, Theodore Kurita named Draconis Combine Coordinator, Marian Hegemony invades Lothian League, Fuchida's Fusiliers take control of Tortuga Dominions.
3055: Melissa Steiner-Davion assassinated, Thomas Calderon removed, Jeffrey Calderon named Taurian Concordat Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds, Taurian Concordat military buildup ends, Marian Hegemony conquers Lothian League.
Contract 18: w/Capellan Confederation, Combat Campaign vs. St. Ives Compact. 6/'56 - 2/'57 - - 46 - 47 25 - 26
3056: Federated Commonwealth officially formed, Ryan Steiner assassinated, Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion takes command of FedCom, Thomas Calderon dies, Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus sign Treaty of Taurus, Diplomatic channels between Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus reopen, Neil Avellar resigns, Mitchell Avellar named Outworld's Alliance Parliamentary President, Outworld's Alliance Long Road Program begins.
Contract 19: w/FedCom, vs. Fist of Mokal. 7/'57 - 3/'58 - - 47 - 48 27
3057: Joshua Marik dies and is replaced with a double in the FedCom, Free World's League and Capellan Confederation invade FedCom, Lyran Alliance formed, Isis Marik moves to Sian, Katrina Steiner named Archon of Lyran Alliance, Ulric Kerensky stripped of title of IlKhan, Clan Wolf and Jade Falcon Refusal War, ComStar opens vaults of history to everyone.
Major Michael Freeley injured, medically retired. 1/'58 - - 48 27
Armageddon Unlimited restructure begins. 2/'58 - - 49 28
3058: Thomas Marik discovered to be a double, Draconis Combine forces installed as peacekeepers in Chaos March, Clan Wolf becomes both Clan Jade Wolf and Clan Wolf-in-Exile, Word of Blake takes Terra, Elias Crichell named IlKhan and slain, Marthe Pryde named saKhan and later Khan of Clan Jade Falcon, Vlad Ward named Khan of Clan Jade Wolf and later Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Wolf becomes Clan Wolf, Invasion of Coventry, Black Dragon Society and others attempt to assassinate Theodore Kurita.  First Whitting Conference results in founding of Second Star League, with Sun-Tzu Liao as First Lord.  Smoke Jaguar Lincoln Osis elected ilKhan.
Contract 20: w/Draconis Combine, vs. Clan Ghost Bear 7 - 11/'58 - - 48 - 49 28
3059: Clan Burrock absorbed by Star Adders.  Harvest trials among the Clans.  Star League launches Task Force Serpent and Operation Bulldog against Clan Smoke Jaguar.  Clan Nova Cat declares their allegiance for the Star League.  Smoke Jaguar forces in the Inner Sphere flee to the Homeworlds.  Clan Ghost Bear begins relocating their population and assets to the Inner Sphere.
3060: Morgan Hasek-Davion murdered.  Task Force Serpent assaults Smoke Jaguar homeworld of Huntress.  Smoke Jaguars annihilated.  Great Refusal ends the Clan invasion.  Star League embassy set up on Strana Mechty.  Nova Cats are Abjured and attacked by other Clans and forced to flee Homeworlds to settle in the Draconis Combine.  Diana Pryde wins her Bloodname, despite being a freeborn warrior.  Katherine Steiner-Davion assumes regency of Federated Suns.
Contract 21: w/FedCom, vs. Pirates; Operation Party Crasher. 4/'61 - 3/'62 - - 51 - 52 30 - 31
Lone Wolves/Black Edge Join AU. 8/'61 - - 51 31
3061: War between Capellan Confederation and St. Ives Compact.  Star League forces return to Inner Sphere.  War between Jade Falcons and Steel Vipers results in Vipers abandoning their Inner Sphere possessions.  Word of Blake's Precentor Martial Trent Arian assassinated; Cameron St. Jamais succeeds him.  Jeffrey Calderon killed on Detroit; Grover Shraplen becomes Protector of the Taurian Concordat.  Second Whitting Conference held on Tharkad.  Theodore Kurita elected First Lord.  Victor Steiner-Davion joins ComStar as Precentor Martial.
Waiting to be able to take Action in the FedCom Civil War. 8/3/'62 - 2/14/'67 - - 52 - 57 32 - 36
3062: Sun-Tzu Liao expels Isis Marik from Capellan space.  Trinity Alliance formed.  Riots on Solaris VII.  First Babylon Diet.  Ghost Bear/Combine War begins.  Arthur Steiner-Davion killed.  Victor calls for war to depose his sister; FedCom Civil War begins.  Draconis March forces invade Combine without state backing.
3063: Marian Hegemony conquers Illyrian Palatinate; Julius O'Reilly becomes Caesar.  Kristen Marik dies.  War between Capellan Confederation and St. Ives Compact ends with the annexation of the latter.  End of Ghost Bear/Combine War.
Stephanie Wolf Retires from Tremaine Military MechWarrior Academy. 11/'63 - - 54 33
3064: Diplomatic relations opened between Clan Snow Raven and Outworlds Alliance.  Omi Kurita assassinated.  Jade Falcon Incursion into Lyran Alliance.  Clan Hell's Horses abandon their Inner Sphere possessions.  Third Whitting Conference held on Atreus; Christian Mansdottir elected First Lord.  ComStar, the Taurian Concordat and Word of Blake admitted to Star League as probationary members.
3065: Clan Wolf assaults Jade Falcons; End of Jade Falcon Incursion into Lyran Alliance.  Clan Diamond Shark seizes Twycross.  Free Skye revolts.  Fighting continues in the former Federated Commonwealth, including battles on Kathil and New Syrtis.
3066: Cease fire between Draconis March and Combine.  Formation of Fronc Reaches and Calderon Protectorate.  Fighting continues in the former Federated Commonwealth, including battles on Tikonov, Tharkad and New Avalon.
3067: Peter Steiner-Davion kills Nondi Steiner in combat, ending hostilities on Tharkad.  Ardan Sortek dies in the fighting on New Avalon.  Katherine Steiner-Davion surrenders; FedCom Civil War ends.  Peter named Archon of the Lyran Alliance, Yvonne Steiner-Davion named Regent of the Federated Suns.  Alys Marik begins the Great Debate in the Free Worlds League Parliament.  Wolf's Dragoons attacked on Outreach by coalition of mercenaries; Jaime Wolf killed.  Fourth Whitting Conference held on Tharkad; Star League dissolved; Word of Blake attacks Tharkad and New Avalon, launching their Jihad.  Northwind blockaded by Word of Blake.  Wolf's Dragoons attack Mars.  Outreach nuked by Word of Blake.
Contract 22: w/FedCom, vs. the Clans; Operation Blender, Incomplete 7/'68 - ... - - 58 - ... 38 - ...

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