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Battle Standard
Is Armageddon Unlimited Where I Want to Be?

A Goal of Honor: Those who come to join Armageddon Unlimited must be willing to accept that this unit is based on a code of honor developed from the beginning of the MechWarrior series of computer games, the lore of the BattleTech universe regarding many mercenary units, and informed by real-world codes of honor and conduct cherished and still practiced by many cultures.  In the beginning, you may say that honor is impractical, unnecessary for a computer game, and only what works on the battlefield should be used, because it works; indeed, you will be far less likely to act with honor on the battlefield starting out.  However, if you are capable of seeing yourself as a better warrior and you are willing to learn and improve, over the course of time, to forge yourself into a weapon who succeeds by fighting honorably, not just expediently or by the "whatever works" method, then you are welcome in these ranks.  Much of what is taking place in MechWarrior Online, now, makes obsolete many of the honor codes necessary from previous games; thus, honor comes from a deeper source.

Absorbing Units: Armageddon Unlimited is more than happy to attempt to work with anyone that would like to fall within our rank structure, including groups of friends already placed in structures, and those that are not.  Three things need to be understood, however:
  1. Armageddon Unlimited is a Military Simulation (MilSim) Mercenary MechWarrior Command with its own unique ranks, awards, positions, etc.  If you come to join us, though you may maintain your general structure, and we will work with you to convert ranks, awards, and positions to what we have, here, make no mistake that you will be required to convert to our ways of doing things.

  2. As expressed, we will do all we can to help you maintain your structure, to continue playing with your friends, to keep your logo and the flavor of your unit as a sub-element to Armageddon Unlimited.  However, once the conversion of these things are done, you will then fall under the auspices of everything that makes Armageddon Unlimited what it is and, over time, you and your friends and people will advance, grow, make various completion states, and may even disburse through the whole of this unit.

  3. As long as the transition is completed successfully, and as long as all of you show yourselves capable of living within the rules, regulations, and codes of Armageddon Unlimited, you will have every privilege any other member of AU has, along with the impartial means of various modes of advancement, all the way to the top.

Regional Detachments: As part of an initiative to reach out to other regions on Earth -because MechWarrior Online players will be required to select a region to play within-, Armageddon Unlimited will encourage the formation of detachments that will operate both as a part of the existing Armageddon Unlimited rank and unit structure, and as semi-autonomous elements.  We desire to have individuals from other regions around the world –most likely broken down by continent (Africa, South America (part of the America’s, but likely to be its own region), Asia, Australia and Oceania, and Europe)– join our ranks, and we will make room for each, though recruiting of further MechWarrior’s may be required if you’re the first or the few.  For further details, please click here to contact Kay Wolf, the Unit Commanding Officer.

We desire people from all walks of life, though current and prior military experience will be important factors in determining promotions and positions within the unit.  Current and prior military have been taught a form of discipline that aids in unit cohesion and structure unlike any other walk of life, and military folk have the added benefit of being from an older, typically more mature, age group.

Armageddon Unlimited accepts diversity, but you should not expect any special treatment, nor are you expected to endure any negative special treatment.  Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable; however, this bridge walks in all directions, so you are expected to keep your special brand of diversity to yourself, as well.

We desire to have people from all age groups, with age being an important factor in determining promotions and positions, and how grouping is done within the unit.  Our unit, despite the general adult nature of the gaming community for this gaming series, should be of a clean nature; that means try to keep your language, and discussions of adult matters, in-check.  As well, for younger members, and their parents, this is an adult-oriented gaming community, so you should understand that nature and make your decision accordingly as to whether this is the unit for you to be involved in or not.  Maturity most assuredly has its place, though it is not everything.

We desire to have all levels of knowledge and education concerning tactics, strategy, military and para-military organization and operations, the BattleTech tabletop game, the MechWarrior and MechCommander series' of computer games, which knowledge must be used for the edification and fostering of good-will within the unit, for our improvement overall, and is a factor in promotions and who holds positions within the unit.  Older and/or more experienced people will not work to brow-beat anyone with your knowledge or skills, and do not expect that, just because you're older and more experience, there is not someone who thinks out of the box and can put your knowledge and skills to shame.  It is said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, unless that old dog recognizes that, until they go to their grave, they will be learning new things daily.

We desire to have all manner of fighting styles because, in the game, we recognize that the broadest number of styles will, typically, aid the unit in winning; that being explained, we also desire honor, team play, and good-will in AU, and those without these abilities, which typically run hand-in-hand, no matter how good you are, will be asked to leave.

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Let's get Honor out of the way right away.  In past MechWarrior play on-line, rules were needed, formed by the community, and expected to be upheld by each individual that played, and they became something of an unspoken code of honor, of honorable battlefield conduct.  Despite the fact that the conditions under which these unwritten rules were developed mostly no longer exist, the practices they brought are every bit as relevant.  Shooting the head, the back, or the legs of an opponent's 'Mech, or shooting them after they've been knocked down, or have shut down, are just fine; it's the continual deliberate malicious shooting of those areas where an honor violation may occur.  These rules should be very easy to live within, beyond role-playing, as MWO is not like previous MechWarrior computer games, and the same factors which spawned those rules no longer exist in their previous forms.  Honor violations are not automatic terminations -though it is hoped that we will be better than our opposition-, especially since there are caveat's to the rules, such as targets that outweigh you by fifteen tons or more, or outgun you severely enough there is no hope to survive, let alone win, other than withdrawing, are free game.  If you feel that it is impossible for you to work within these guides, AU may not be the place for you.

Education Opportunities (ED OPPS) exist to allow you the ability to acquaint yourself with the culture of Armageddon Unlimited, to learn, refresh, and/or improve your tactical and strategic abilities, and although their completion is NOT required at all for the normal MechWarrior, they are requirements to advance to various higher levels within AU.  Everyone should complete Basic Training, which may consist of as little as an evaluation of your skills, or as deeply as completely training you to fight in MechWarrior Online, and leads to Advanced Individual Training.  AIT is required for Cadre/Non-Lance Leader and/or Basic Non-Commissioned Officers Course (BNCOC)/Lance Leader, the former of which being required to become a trainer, the latter for becoming a Lance Leader.  Lance Leaders, however they achieve the position, are not allowed to perform AU-official drops unless they've completed the Drop Commander course; however, on completion, though they should continue to consult with members in their chain of command, may drop on scheduled or unscheduled drops that will not adversely affect the requirements of any contract in which we are participating.  For Lance Leaders who would, eventually, become an Officer, BNCOC and Drop Commander are required to participate in the Officer Candidate program.  For those members who have no desire to become an Officer, they may take the Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course (ANCOC) to become a Senior NCO.

Once an individual has completed Officer Candidate School (OCS), they are considered to be a Junior Officer, but must take Contracting training to be able to make their own sanctioned contracts within AU, and then must complete additional programs, and gain rank enough to join the Command & Staff of AU.  All of these require training in a robust ED OPPS program, time-in-service, and participation in Armageddon Unlimited to succeed at all levels.  However, none of these are required if your only goal is to be a fighter for the unit; you will still advance in rank, and your potential for position over time, though you are much less likely to get there without working at all aspects of your career in this unit.

Training is a requirement, so we can get used to the controls of the game, get to know one another as MechWarriors, fashion ourselves into team players, and learn the strategies and tactics common to our unit.  Each successfully completed training session will count towards drop promotion points the same as with combat drops.  Training will include the precepts of honorable combat, combined fire techniques, small unit tactics -including covering one another and meeting objectives as Fire Teams or Lances-, and heat management techniques, among many other things.

Attendance, Hardcore and Casual Play ~ MechWarriors will almost continually be evaluated, based on their hours of availability, how often they play, and the types of wins achieved, individually and as a team, to rate whether or not they are hardcore or casual players; the difference being that casual players will not be able to fight in many of the battles we will strive to take place in.  Just as past experience, time-in-service, awards for service, and participation in either the services or operational sides of the AU house will gain you rank and position, and perhaps further awards, so too will your drops help determine where you will be placed in the unit.  You may request a position within the Alpha Company Command Lance, for example, but if your drops and other attendance suggest you would, instead, fit better in the Bravo Company Support Lance, and someone else is better primed to take your place in the A Co Lance you wanted, you will be moved, or will not be able to fill the slot you desire.  Your position within AU, among its Lances, will be determined among each of the 'classes' of the unit, MechWarriors being the most prolific, Officers being second-most, and finally Non-Commissioned Officers.  As the unit grows and we move from one Structure Level to the next, everything previously mentioned herein will become even more important.

Our Code of Conduct.  Though there is a better defined and written Code of Conduct to be had than what you'll read in this short paragraph, the general idea is that you need to be nice not only to your fellow members in AU, but also to all those you will fight.  Getting angry, sweaty, and foul-mouthed is a typical part of playing in a game as intense as the previous MechWarrior CGs have been, and is completely understandable; however, despite the fact these are war simulations, they are still more a sport, and thus good sportsmanship, even in the face of ignorance, is the better position to hold.  Finally, the developers of PGI and IGP, the MWO and AU forum moderators and administrators should be respected at all times, even if they are wrong; don't worry, they will be proven wrong soon enough if they are, so tripping over your teeth, now, just to snarl, is going to prove to be pretty useless, later.  To borrow a phrase about Technical Inspectors from my last job, "Arguing with an administrator, developer, or moderator is like fighting with a pig in the mud; they love it and they'll always win."

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Armageddon Unlimited (we are the ONLY originals) started in 1985 as Red Death Squadron, re-designated in '87 as Wolf's Cavaliers, again in '92 as Equal Opportunity Destroyers, once more in '95 as Shadow Blade/Lynx Lancers and, finally, in 1997 as Armageddon Unlimited for MW2: Mercs, MW3, MW4, MW: O and MW: T.  Each new name has been advanced as a result of a new Commanding Officer and/or a new era of BattleTech, the final change being specifically for MechWarrior.  So, you imitators out there claiming Armageddon Unlimited as your name, make sure you hold to a high and honorable standard, or we're comin' for ya.  'Nuff said.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this site, please feel free to contact the Webmonkey.  If you wish to join such an auspicious unit as Armageddon Unlimited, please click here!