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The Real World History of this unit tells how the unit iterations prior to Armageddon Unlimited were developed, and how this unit was brought to its present time.  Well, the Shadow Blade portion is about to be absorbed into this latest iteration because of the development of MechWarrior Online, and the idea that it makes more sense to have Kay Wolf, and all with him at the time, be around when the Clans hit.  In the canon universe just prior to, or sometime within the five years thereafter, is a complete changing of the guard, so to speak, and there's no reason to not join that trend.  Besides, David Wolf was set more for the Succession Wars than for any other reason, and Stephanie Wolf always represented a sort of BattleTech-fallow time in my life, where I hated -and I still hate- the Clans, and where I was incapable of enjoying a game of 'Tech, whether because of real-life obligations or a lack of folks to play the game with.  Am I justifying this to myself?  Yes.  Does it actually make sense to make these changes?  Why not?

This page is comprised of several sections: the Introduction, which you are reading now, individual unit treatise about Wolf's Cavaliers, Equal Opportunity Destroyers, and Armageddon Unlimited, including the on-line game version of Armageddon Unlimited.  You may ask why all the names?  The answer is simple: each new commander of the unit has been allowed, and encouraged -through the fluff, of course-, to re-designate the whole unit and all of her sub-units by name and TO&E, aka Wartable, as they see fit.  Each renaming is considered a new era for the unit, for better or worse and, since I grew up in the Army understanding the tradition of re-designating units prior to dropping into a new theatre of war, I figured it would be good to carry something of that tradition forward.

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Wolf's Cavaliers

: Jeremiah Wolf
YEARS: 3002 - 3021
BASIC HISTORY: Jeremiah Wolf was born March 19, 2964 on New Aragon, and he was brought up in a MechWarrior family loyal to House Davin.  He attended the New Avalon Military Academy, graduating with Honors in may 2983, Valedictorian, and able to choose the AFFS unit to which he wanted to be assigned.  He chose to serve with the 3rd Crucis Lancers under Marshal John Carmichael, eventually becoming a liaison and one of the General's closest non-political allies in the Lancers.  Jeremiah rose through the ranks relatively quickly, to Lance Leader in April 2984, learned to invest -and had a natural aptitude with it, he found- in various industries around the Inner Sphere, married Mercedes Gilwood and had David Montgomery Wolf, born in March 2984, attended Warfighter School in 2991 at NAIS, and took command of a Company in 2993.

Because he'd made a killing on the stock market, and had the loyalty of many of the Lancers, on retirement or mustering out of regular service, they would come to help him build the Cavaliers.

Wolf transferred from the Lancers to the 1st Robinson Ranger in April 2995, his reputation and his nickname, 'The Wolf', following him, to continue his rise in the AFFS ranks and so he would be closer to the stock market action.  He was immediately promoted to a Battalion Commander's rank and position due to his previous successes in the AFFS, and remained there, tripling his portfolio, until 3002, when he retired and immediately jumped a transport to Anywhere.

Leaving the Military
Anywhere is notorious for two things: all manner of inexpensive BattleMech marketing between 2998 and 3034, and an outlaw state.  Despite being mugged twice while dealing for a full company of Light and Medium-Class 'Mechs, he lost nothing because his money was tied up in the ComStar bank.  His machines required extensive work, ammunition, weapon and actuator replacements, etc., and he needed more 'Mech Techs than those following him from the Lancers and Rangers, which he was able to find a few of on Anywhere, but he returned to Rochester by the middle of June 3004 and began work.  The restoration of the machines, hiring and training new MechWarriors and Technicians lasted until late 3005.  Just after Christmas that year, The Wolf left his new unit behind and moved to live on Galatea, in an attempt to get a decent contract, until 3006.

Raising the Cavaliers
The first contract was to raid worlds along the coreward zone of the border between the Free World's League and the Capellan Confederation; though it went well, the Cavaliers actually posted a small net loss in their coffers.  Toward the end of the contract, Lieutenant Walter Barrett, of Barrett's Fusiliers, made contact with Captain Wolf, saving the backsides of the Cavaliers by pulling their Capellan pursuers off them, then subsequently ruining their day.  Barrett asked to join forces, on the recommendation of two former Ranger Officers who'd served with Wolf, and the Cavaliers grew by a full Lance instantly.

(NOTE: The full contract history for Wolf's Cavaliers are listed immediately above the TO&E diagram for this time period, and only certain further highlights are included.)

In early 3009, once David had completed 'Mech training, he was given command of the new Bravo Company, which he named Red Death Squadron; Barrett's Fire Lance was incorporated into Alpha Company, the Combat Lance from Alpha rotated into Bravo Company, and Jeremiah and David hired a second Recon Lance of MechWarriors, and their machines.  The Cavaliers had been growing at an astonishing rate, and the newly minted Major Wolf had taken whatever contracts he could get, choosing those that would enhance the unit and held the right amount of risk, not too little, not too much.

The Years of Fire
Despite losses netted through previous contracts, the Cavaliers were able to keep their heads above water and continued to drive on.  Taking a risk, after having applied the lessons of several correspondence business schools across the Inner Sphere, Jeremiah began the process of marketing the unit to potential employers, hiring a media firm from Northwind and, by April 3009, as the unit was heavily engaged, responses began coming in and Jeremiah had to hire Human Relations personnel to sort through new hires to fill the more lucrative contracts.

During actions on Nirasaki, a Draconis Combine Star Lord-Class JumpShip flashed in very close to the Cavaliers' JumpShip Screwloose; Captain Cross immediately sent a squad of Marines on an S-7A-Class Bus, and they very quickly captured the Overlord-Class DropShip Dragon's Roar, with no loss of life.  Immediately after securing the bridge, the Bus was able to bring a second squad, who subsequently took the Luthienmaru's bridge, with the loss of a Navigator, Second-Class.  While Dragon's Roar was allowed to detach and head planetside, fully owned by the Draconis Combine and allowed to repatriate, the Captain of Luthienmaru, the ship and her crew at the end of their contract, anyway, signed with Wolf's Cavaliers.  Luthienmaru was formally renamed Izetbegovic, the starship registry updated for her new name, and the Cavaliers standard replaced the Combine one within weeks of her capture.

May 3012 saw Wolf's Cavaliers increased to a Battalion and two Companies, and larger contracts for a unit that had increased itself almost five fold over the course of only eight years, including the two prior to the first contract.  By this time, Jeremiah Wolf made enough Land Grants, Title, and favor with the Prince for himself and Wolf's Cavaliers that he could trade it all to have a world specifically for the Cavaliers.  Based off a survey completed by ComStar in 2838 that Jeremiah purchased a copy of through any number of contacts within the Federated Suns government, he was able to "buy" a little known planet named Waterworld.  Unfortunately, the upkeep required by the world made it necessary to open Waterworld to deep ocean mining and desalinization efforts to help provide the Inner Sphere with water and precious minerals.  This was lucrative to the point where Jeremiah was not only able to maintain the world but could build its industry at an astonishing rate as well; above the construction of the world, he also increased the size of the Cavaliers from two Battalions to a full Regiment.  The contracts became more lucrative as the reputation of the unit and its MechWarriors grew.

The Blister Years
During the next several years, before the death of Jeremiah's wife, Mercedes, the contracts became so thick for the Cavaliers, almost every employer clamoring to get a piece of the swiftly growing unit, that no shortage of work existed.  The first of these was an independent, nearly disavow-able, run on three Draconis worlds within two jumps of Corridan IV in Lyran space.  The first world, Aubisson, was one the Lyran Commonwealth had owned until 2821 when the Draconis Combine took it from them; although of no underlying military or production significance, the slap to the Lyran face was enough to make them remember for a very long time, and periodically raids would be performed to remind House Kurita they wanted it back.  This turned out to be a relatively harmless target, and a small brigade of planetary militia, two outposts and a small industrial block later, the Cavaliers were back in space.

Since being captured on New Year's Eve, 2821, Buckminster had suffered under the rule of the Prefecture Lords assigned to it, with Hiroshi Shotugama being the latest, and youngest, in a long line of troublemakers for the locals.  Though it would be nine years before the warlord would move his office to Buckminster, he enjoyed vacationing on a world so close to his enemy's border, and now spent between six and nine months each year there, his Second Sword of Light, not yet quite elite, though nonetheless deadly, traveling with him.  Unfortunately, the Cavaliers had a run-in with the unit while attempting to raid a small munitions depot while their Landing Zone was compromised and all three DropShips were captured.  Fortunately, using both tank companies and the infantry, and leaving behind David's Red Death Squadron and Barrett's Fire Company, Alpha Company and Gun-Metal Battalion were able to move back to the airfield post-haste and take on the Sword of Light elements there, removing them from the area and saving the LZ.  The DropShip guns came into play when the second battalion of Sword of Light combined arms elements dropped in only two kilometers from the landing zone, effectively cutting the Cavaliers in half, though not for long as the Draconis elements were cut down quickly enough to force a retreat.

The final world of the contract, Shionoha, had been a Second Dieron Regulars world of origination for a long time; with the MechWarrior Academy there producing two companies worth of MechWarriors every year, it became a tempting target to let the Combine know the Commonwealth was watching them.  The Cavaliers were ordered to destroy the MechWarrior Academy after escorting all staff and trainees out of the facility, and then also destroy the neighboring robust BattleMech repair facility only a few kilometers distant, near the training ranges.  The Wolf decided it would be best to attack during the very early morning hours, as trainees would most likely already be in from the ranges, 'Mechs berthed and harmless to the Cavaliers, and they would do as instructed.  Unbeknownst to Jeremiah and crew, due to a lack of shared Lyran intelligence, the Second Dieron Regulars were making an unscheduled stop on their way to another world in the Prefecture, to see family members and perhaps act as OpFor in order to give the trainees a more realistic sense of combat.

On descent planetside, Captain Jones of the DropShip Srebrenica transmitted Magnetic Resonance and Seismic scans to Major Wolf, which showed a much higher concentration of "steel" on the planet than either Lyran intelligence or available ComStar data provided; he decided to drop in, anyway, thinking this early in the morning they were all likely to be asleep.  Except for the fact that traveling to the MechWarrior Academy site was much more difficult than terrain analysis led him to believe, he was right, and they caught the trainees close to an hour after the planned time table allowed for.  The Second Dieron MechWarriors who were able to get to their 'Mechs began to push at the Cavaliers flank, however, instantly leaving the goal of destroying the Academy unrealized, though some collateral damage was done, regardless.

Rather than press a bad position, The Wolf ordered his Cavaliers into the mountains along a line parallel to that which would have connected the Academy with the 'Mech Repair bays, and the entire unit was made to shut down and lay low while he worked on a plan.  It seemed, at that time, the Cavaliers had met their match, although the enemy also had the mercenary unit in sheer numbers, as well.  For the next forty-eight hours the officers contrived a means by which they could achieve their objectives with minimal losses, though no plan was truly forthcoming because all strategies involved dislodging the Second, and the better MechWarrior trainees, now undoubtedly equipped with 'Mechs, from various positions on-planet.  Still, The Wolf could not give up because he had signed a contract with Steiner, and he would complete that contract or have some very good reasons why, and he hadn't been able to glean those reasons, yet.

When recon elements of the Cavaliers reported that a full company of Regulars was headed their way, The Wolf ordered his people to mount up, stay sharp, and be prepared to retreat in case the remaining Regulars elements were loaded up on DropShips and ready to drop where told.  Fortunately for them, the recon element was comprised of trainees and a few Regulars, so the Cavaliers positions were passed by undetected, until The Wolf stepped out of a ravine and hit one of the Second Dieron Regulars 'Mechs in the back of the head.  The pilot of that machine knocked out, the balance of the Cavaliers came out from hiding and quickly subdued the recon 'Mechs, now left in disarray as their commander was on the ground, though not dead.  Within twenty seconds of the firestorm beginning, the first of the MechWarrior Academy trainees powered down their 'Mechs, followed like dominoes by the remainder in the ravine.  The Cavalier Infantry was ordered to secure the machines, interrogate the trainee pilots, scare the bejeezus out of them, and then prepare them for repatriation, without harming them seriously.  The Regulars officer and three enlisted MechWarriors were placed in different locations and interrogated individually, as well, in order to find out the positions and numbers for their fellows.

This gave The Wolf precisely what he needed and, with all Kurita personnel tied to the legs of their own machines by Wolf's infantry, the Cavaliers struck out quickly to subdue the weakest force, in machines, personnel, and placement, that could keep them from achieving their objectives.  Fortunately, this placed them close to the 'Mech Repair Facility, and they would deal with that first, then bust through to the Academy and finish that off before calling in their DropShips and escaping off-world.  Unfortunately, the best laid plans… and, of course, Wolf's plan went awry before the first autocannon rounds were fired.

Third Company Recon and two lances of the training brigade were waiting for the Cavaliers, as though they had been warned, and the fight that ensued was far more difficult than Jeremiah had anticipated.  Indeed, within five minutes of the first volleys being thrown by each side, the Regular's Second Company Recon pushed through the pass from the side with the Repair Facility.  Both companies worked together stoutly to provide a wall on which to rotate the Cavaliers into position for the automated defenses of the facility to start hitting them from behind, but they also made the flaw of believing Major Wolf would continue to fight them with the whole of the Cavaliers.

Red Death Squadron was sent in to destroy the facilities while the remainder began to push back and mix in with the recon companies.  The trainees were the first to go, and the hit to morale on the Regular's forces began to show as they reached Combat Loss Grouping first on the very few heavy-fast 'Mechs they possessed, which further pushed their Warriors into uncertainty.  With no assault or heavy-class 'Mechs available to push against Barrett's Fire Company, anymore, the remaining fifteen 'Mechs began to fall back.  At the moment Wolf began to see them break, he watched as Vargas' Lance in Drummond's Fusiliers, Alpha Company, Gun-Metal Battalion, reached their CLG and fell apart, as well.

As the last of the Repair Facilities were set on fire and the automated defenses were silenced, David Wolf's Company came under fire from the Regular's combat elements and two 'Mechs were dropped immediately.  As Barrett's Company finished pushing the Regular's Recon remainders back into the ravine, the rest of the Cavaliers turned to assist Red Death Squadron and, almost immediately, put them down.  Once the recon warriors surrendered and left their 'Mechs, Cavaliers infantry again working hard to get them prepared for repatriation, Barrett and crew rejoined the line and began to advance on the MechWarrior Academy.  Unfortunately, the balance of the Kurita forces were there to protect it, being placed effectively while the Cavaliers had been busy with the Recon and Combat elements.

Wolf knew there would be no way, as beat up as the Cavaliers were, they could take down the rest of the Regulars, and since ammo and armor were beginning to run low, he called for an orderly retreat back to a set series of defensible waypoints, grabbed some of the recon 'Mechs the Regulars vacated recently, and called in the DropShips for extraction.  Plenty of BattleROM footage was recorded during those last moments, especially, before Wolf called for the retreat, which allowed the Mercenary Guild to rule the contract complete.  However, before they could leave, the Regulars would make them fight for the Landing Zone the DropShips were scheduled to come in on.

During the battle to clear the LZ, Private Mark Hauser saw Major Wolf's BattleMaster being pummeled by multiple Kurita 'Mechs and stepped in to assist when a PPC blast at point blank range from another BattleMaster took the head of his Griffin off, killing the MechWarrior and freeing the Major to let loose on the enemy.  The young MechWarrior's armor was almost disintegrated, anyway, riddled with autocannon holes from multiple 'Mechs priming him.  Without Private Hauser's sacrifice, the story of Wolf's Cavaliers, and the Wolf Family Mercenary Units, may have ended that day.  Instead, Major Wolf and crew lifted off, then took close to a year to lick their wounds before taking their fifth contract.

Too Much Sitting Around
The Cavaliers spent the next several years on lighter contracts, including an extended Garrison with the Federated Suns on Crossing, where The Wolf and his Command & Staff worked on element structure, training doctrines and inculcation of standards from other units across the Inner Sphere, and attempted to build, further, the ranks of the unit.  Though a few new MechWarriors, some AeroSpace fighter pilots, and more Technicians, of all sort of disciplines, joined the Cavaliers, it was not the growth Jeremiah had hoped.

Death Becomes Her
In April 3020, a single month prior to the end of the extended contract with the Federated Suns, Jeremiah's wife, Mercedes, was killed in a car accident on Crossing.  This plunged The Wolf into an unrecoverable depression and, by the end of 3022 Jeremiah had all but legally relinquished command to his son, David.  Finally, in the dark early morning rain of May 19, 3022, while fighting against the Capellan Confederation's Death Commandos, Colonel Jeremiah Wolf pulled the chain on his BattleMaster's reactor and allowed the nuclear fireball to consume his 'Mech, barely leaving the chassis of the beastly assault 'Mech intact enough for David Wolf to carry it to the ancestral Wolf homeworld of Rochester to have it entombed.  Some believe he purposely did it to because of the depression, committing suicide and, based on the clinical reports of his mental health from that time, he may very well have done just that.

• Initial acquisition of 'Mechs and personnel from 3002 to late 3003; training, repairs, and initial contract acquisition from early 3004 (Galatea) to October 3007.  Pre-Contract Coffers: 49,126,138

• 0001 ~ Employed by the Federated Suns from March to December 3008 to raid coreward worlds along the Capellan Confederation/Free Worlds League border.  Light Recon Company + 5 'Mech Techs.  End of Contract Coffers (C-Bills): 46,082,988.

• 0002 ~ Employed by the Federated Suns from May to November 3009 to raid worlds along the coreward Federated Suns/Draconis Combine border to obtain intelligence for the FS liaison.  Light Recon Company + Barrett's Fire Lance + 5 'Mech Techs.  End of Contract Coffers (C-Bills): 45,501,608.

• 0003 ~ Employed by the Federated Suns from May 3010 to February 3012 (NOTE: The contract was not due to end until May except for severe disparity in force sizes and a rescue by Prince Ian Davion) to destroy DCMS elements on Nirasaki and defend Caph in conjunction with the 77th Tactical 'Mech Battalion.  Medium Combat Alpha Company + Medium Combat Bravo Company (aka Red Death Squadron) + fifteen 'Mech Techs + JumpShip Screwloose (Scout-class) + DropShips Sara J and Srebrenica (Union-class).  End of Contract Coffers (C-Bills): 39,532,120.

• 0004 ~ Employed by the Lyran Commonwealth from March to June 3014 to destroy units on the Draconis Combine Worlds of Shionoha, Buckminster, and Aubisson.  Medium Combat Battalion + two Armor Platoons + one Infantry Company + one Administrative Company + fifty-eight Techs (varied disciplines) + JumpShips Screwloose (Scout-class) and Izetbegovic (Star Lord-class), DropShips Sara J and Srebrenica (Union-class), and Ugljevik (Overlord-class).  End of Contract Coffers (C-Bills): 48,114,354.

• 0005 ~ Employed by the Lyran Commonwealth from June 3015 to January 3016 to stir the pot in the Free World's League.  Short Regiment (one Assault Battalion, one Recon Battalion, and two Medium Companies) + one Armor Company + two Infantry Companies plus one Platoon + one Administrative Company + seventy-three Techs (various disciplines) + JumpShips Screwloose (Scout-class) and Izetbegovic (Star Lord-class), and DropShips Sara J and Srebrenica (Union-class), Ugljevik and Old Sally (Overlord-class).  End of Contract Coffers (C-Bills): 57,997,750.

• 0006 - 9 ~ Employed by the Federated Suns from July 3016 to May 3020 (NOTE: These are four garrison contracts bundled together; (shrugs) this is how the dice fell) to perform Garrison duties on Crossing.  Short Regiment (one Assault Battalion, one Recon Battalion, and two Medium Companies) + one Armor Company + two Infantry Companies + one Administrative Company + eighty-seven Techs (various disciplines) + JumpShips Screwloose (Scout-class) and Izetbegovic (Star Lord-class), and DropShips Sara J and Srebrenica (Union-class), Ugljevik and Old Sally (Overlord-class).  End of Contract Coffers (C-Bills): 16,824,250.

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