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Our unit has a distinguished and robust achievements and awards system, borne of a long history of service, as outlined in this portion of our web site, one that surpasses that of many other House and Mercenary elements in the on-line gaming community.  Some of our achievements and awards are applied for in-game actions and excellence, while the rest are for participation and actions taken 'off-line', which is to say what you do in this unit can be awarded.  Each of these achievements and awards are meant to help distinguish you among your friends and fellow MechWarrior's in Armageddon Unlimited, but more importantly they show our sister elements that we are an active, functioning, and goal-oriented unit.  That being said, awards and achievements are not given lightly, they must be earned, or their value is for naught.

A Note About Online Games in the BattleTech Universe
As of this writing (20140105) is set to be established in Piranha Games, Inc.'s MechWarrior Online and, to a lesser extent, MechWarrior Tactics.  Awards and achievements for Armageddon Unlimited have been developed and/or adapted for various MechWarrior and MechCommander games, leagues, and MMOGs in the past, and both MWO and MWT are no exception.  In the instance of MechWarrior Online, however, with their goal of introducing a system allowing element commanders to set up their own ranks and awards systems within the game interface, an effort has been made, and will continue to be re-evaluated and improved as time passes, to allow many of the awards to become automated.  A good portion of the awards and achievements will remain discretionary, though the effort is being made to take much of the guess-work out of the hands of potential future leaders in AU>

Layout & Key
This reference is laid out as plainly as possible, with the most important, top-tier awards on top, in order from highest to lowest honor in each category, and in what is known as their Order of Precedence, or how they are laid out among the Awards tab on both your uniform and in your MechWarrior Service Record, and then in your Cased Awards (older, lower-level awards that no longer fit on your uniform tab), and your Achievements.  To explain how each award or achievement is laid out within these pages, each section of a typical award layout is listed, below:

AU Medal of Valor
General Medal Sample Table - Medal of Valor
TIER/POS: Which Tier of awards or achievements does this one belong to, and what position within the Tier. LEVEL: What main category of award does this belong to.
TYPE: Is this a Service award or achievement, mastery, education, competition, etc. ROLE(s): What role does this award or achievement pertain to: Command, Assault/Defense, Recon, Support, or is it a general unit award.

VALID RECOMMENDER(s): A listing of the individual(s) able to recommend others for this award or achievement.  Lance Leader+, as an example, represents that anyone from Lance Leader and above are able to recommend the award or achievement directly to a Final Authority.  If you have a listing of Fellow MechWarrior's, Lance Leader+, that means anyone within Armageddon Unlimited may recommend the award or achievement for another MechWarrior directly to their Lance Leader,
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General Medal Sample Table - Medal of Valor (cont'd.)

VALID RECOMMENDER(s): but not higher; obviously, this does not hold for personnel in above-Lance Leader positions.
FINAL AUTHORITY(s): A listing of the individual(s) able to authorize the placement of an award into an individual's record.  As with Valid Recommender's, if you see Company Commander+, or something similar, that means only a Company Commander or higher may make the recommendation.  Those who are breveted into positions may pass up the recommendation to the next breveted individual, as they are not allowed to approve awards or achievements as a breveted individual.  On reaching the first non-breveted individual in the higher chain of command, that individual may approve and place the award, or may approve and pass back down to the breveted recommender for placement.  The Training Officer-in-Charge in Armageddon Unlimited retains a great deal of authority to make many awards and achievements permanent on an individual's record, though sometimes they are required to act in concert with a Commander in the chain of command of the awardee.
CONDITION(s): This section explains what is required for an individual to earn an award or achievement, may reiterate who the Valid Recommender's and/or Final Authority's are, what tier the award or achievement fits within and how many points are earned for it; typically, the tier the award comes from is also the number of points to be earned for the individual or iterative award or achievement.  Also explained is whether the award iterates -may be awarded multiple times before being converted to a higher award- and whether the award is discretionary or automatic; discretionary means the award or achievement may be assigned by a Final Authority, automatic means the award is earned through statistics in the game being accrued, as is the award or achievement, and both discretionary and automatic means both forms of award assignment are valid.
CONVERSION FROM: If this award or achievement is a higher version of one or more other awards and/or achievements, this award or achievement is what is being converted to.  Described here is/are the requirement(s) for attaining to this award or achievement.
CONVERSION TO: This portion explains how this award or achievement may be converted to a higher award or achievement.  Most achievements do convert to awards, and some awards convert to other awards; an award NEVER converts to an achievement.  Achievements are those things, typically passive, such as time-in-service, points and/or kills achieved in game-play, mastering weapon systems, etc., which are earned automatically, or through Final Authority placement in your record, over time.  However, they also give the aggressive or ambitious individual various things to strive for completion in the unit, to earn those higher awards.
FLUFF: This is, most typically, the story-telling section of the award or achievement, and may outline any special thoughts or requirements or historically important undertakings leading to the construction and/or existence of this award or achievement.

Achievements do not display medals, as they only attain to ribbons, and they also have odd position designators in the tiers.  In your MSR, the top-left-most award or achievement on any line is the highest for that line, though it may be followed by other achievements and/or awards, as well.  This signifies the progression of awards when enough of the referenced awards are achieved and converted to higher achievements or awards.  Many of the awards and achivements have several 'steps' of this type of progression, while for many others, the award is either a one-time grant, or it does not fall into a 'step progression'.

All of this being explained, I present the Awards and Achievements of Armageddon Unlimited, beginning with the First Tier and ending with Devices and Kill Markers.  The tabs across the top of all these award pages explain first what category each award or achievement falls into, with Exceptional awards and achievements being the very top of the heap, even if they are spread across multiple tiers.  The second line of folder tabs is for the Award Tiers, and
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the third for the Achievement Tiers.  Every award has a link to be reached by clicking on a particular medal or ribbon from within your MSR, and from the layout coming on this page, below; the award lines would, nominally, be close together vertically, but the names of the awards and achievements are beneath each.

(NOTE: Not all medals and/or ribbons have been completed, as yet, though they are in work.)

Tier Awards Achievements
Medal of Honor Master/Ace Pilot Dist. Regiment
There are no Tier 5 Achievements.
Medal of Valor OCS ANCOC Dist. Battalion
Superior Service
Meritorious Service Commander's Honor Master CUT Master Gunnery Dist. Company
Dist. Service Sniper Gunnery Recon Master Zero-G Master BNCOC
Training Cadre
Commendation Medal Above the Call Master Weapons Battle Commander Command Contribution
Dist. Lance
Combat Unit Type Veteran Service Hawkeye Gunnery Elect. Wpns. Specialist Gen. Wpns. Specialist
Advanced BattleGrid General Contribution Adv. Indiv. Training
Top Gun
Achievement Medal Lance Leader Jump Master Clan MMD Inner Sphere MMD
Clan Contact Old Guard Posthumous Service
Mission Top Secret Basic Service Sharpshooter Gunnery BattleGrid Basic HALO
Clan 'Mech Driver Inner Sphere 'Mech Driver Basic Training
Honor Corps
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Armageddon Unlimited (we are the ONLY originals) started in 1985 as Red Death Squadron, re-designated in '87 as Wolf's Cavaliers, again in '92 as Equal Opportunity Destroyers, once more in '95 as Shadow Blade/Lynx Lancers and, finally, in 1997 as Armageddon Unlimited for MW2: Mercs, MW3, MW4, MW: O and MW: T.  Each new name has been advanced as a result of a new Commanding Officer and/or a new era of BattleTech, the final change being specifically for MechWarrior.  So, you imitators out there claiming Armageddon Unlimited as your name, make sure you hold to a high and honorable standard, or we're comin' for ya.  'Nuff said.

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