Listings for positions available, or coming available, in Armageddon Unlimited, are placed, here. Within each posting are requirements for being able to hire into the posting. Assume you are first required to be a member of AU, and will have to work your way up from Casual MechWarrior to take any of these positions, unless otherwise specified.


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For those of you intent to join Armageddon Unlimited, whether for MechWarrior Online or MechWarrior: Tactics, read over the following and make your application. However, for those of you who only wish to ask questions, feel free to do so by contacting , and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.


If you have read the brochure about whether AU is the right place for you to be, or not, or you've read our recruitment requirements page, and have decided to apply, then you're absolutely in the right place. In making this application, you are making a commitment to join Armageddon Unlimited, with all of our quirks, faux pas', and the fact that this is a difficult community to work in and for, and so unit's in the community work to protect themselves by screening potential candidates. If you're making a commitment to AU, here's what you can expect, and what you can do after you submit the application, below:
  1. Application: You can expect this application to remain confidential, hidden away from prying eyes, except for your Battalion Commander and other trusted Officer's higher in the chain of command.

  2. Post-IAT Element Assignment: (NOTE: IAT is the Intake, Assessment, and Training Battalion.) If you display all of the appropriate aptitudes, or enough to pass you into ready status, in accordance with the Training Officer's recommendation, you will be encouraged to select and/or request a part of the unit to be assigned to, whether as an active member or a reservist. Active Lance's that have all four members will not be open for this selection.

  3. Recruitment & Employment Forum: If you have designs to succeed to higher and higher positions, you may want to subscribe to the Recruitment & Employment forum and, when a new job is developed for that forum, you will be made aware, may review what is newly listed, and apply for the job if this is up your alley. Though it is preferred that one person hold only one position at a time, it is not unheard of to have multiple positions under one's purview at a time.

  4. Your Time, Your Reward: It's up to you to determine how you'll do in Armageddon Unlimited, but your work will almost always be rewarded in some fashion, whether through recognition on the forums, an award, promotion points for participation, or other means.


The following enlistment application is relatively simple to answer, though somewhat long, especially since everything below what is marked as Optional is just that, optional. If you’re interested in holding rank and/or position in Armageddon Unlimited, however, you will want to fill out this application as thoroughly as possible. Simply click on the link, below, read the sections and questions, answer the minimum required questions, and the optional questions as you see fit, and click Submit Your Application.

Should this command receive a lot of registrations from outside sources, a log-in and/or CAPTCHA technology will be used to keep out those unwanted registrations. The username and password will be placed, here, if that time comes.
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