I am a Christian role-player, I always have been and will be until it's time for me to go to my final rest, or the trumpet sounds, whichever comes first.

      I turned fifty at the end of July, 2021, and one of my top five loves is role-playing with friends.  I have found that is difficult to be happy and well-minded, for others as well, if I don't have my role-playing games.  Reading about new worlds and new things to do in those worlds and being able to run an RPG with friends and family is a great joy in my life.  I intend to keep doing it as long as I have my hands, sight and hearing; I suppose having a good imagination and a strong mind -if not the memory- are requisites, as well, but I think long after I've gone deaf or blind, my imagination will remain and all of the things my friends, family and I have done together through this story-telling medium will remain.  I'm happy to share imaginary world(s) with others and, sometimes, they make it easier to deal with our "real" one.

      When I began my gaming life in Junior High School, in '83 I think, I never thought it would have taken me to the places I have been, both in and outside of my imagination, both in the real-world and others.  As many others in my age group and younger have done, I began with Dungeons & Dragons, by TSR, and have since played many other games by many other developers.  No matter how many computer, console, card, or tactical combat sims I play, however, nothing compares to tabletop role-playing and the friends I have gained as a result.

      From 1994, when I left for Germany, then was married and became Dad to two fantastic boys, now good young men, until 2003 when I decided I had suffered long enough, things were pretty dry, role-play wise.  However, in May 2003 I was able to contact some friends of mine and put together a Play-by-Forum game for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition, which turned into 2nd Edition in late-2005, and we played that until 2013 when there really was no longer a desire to keep the story running.  Eight years is a good long campaign, not a bad stretch of time and, almost immediately, I was able to start a game of The One Ring on those same forums.  I attempted to get people together for Torg: Role-Playing the Possibility Wars on a couple of occasions, finally finding the right group for the game, though even with that it didn't last much beyond the introductory adventure, Before the Dawn, by Greg Gorden.

      While it has become less difficult to find gamers, in general, it has become more difficult to find Players who don't have shiny syndrome -the desire to play a new game every few weeks- and, further, quality gamers that will stick with your game when they've made a promise to.  The whole identity politics issue and these fights over silly social justice warrior liberal nonsense have made it even more difficult to find quality folks who can leave their SJW garbage behind and just play the game.  For them, I say shame on you.

      However, my friends and I have overcome bad odds and done just that.  Beginning on Roll 20 on January 4th, 2020, some new friends and I began Torg: Eternity by Ulisses Spiele, a brilliant successor to Torg: Role-Playing the Possibility Wars and my new favorite game of all time.  We decided, almost from the outset, to record -starting with audio but eventually graduating to video- our game sessions and put them on YouTube; if I can find an additional medium to put them on, I certain will.  However, for now, you can find the first episode by clicking here.  This begins the Day One: Living Land adventure; other adventures will be listed, below, and updated when possible.  Last year, by the end of November, 2020, we decided to move to Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) and The Forge (hosting for The Foundry), and have been more satisfied and held better games than were possible, before.  Having been the organizing part of a team of awesome programmer's from around the world, I am proud to have been a part of putting forward the Torg Game System for Foundry; this has been a fine accomplishment in my life and I pray it continues to develop well into the future, and for good fortune for my friends who did the lion's share of the work.

      So many RPGs were developed and released in the early '90s, and I played many of them, including MechWarrior, Earthdawn, and Shadowrun, but Torg: Role-Playing the Possibility Wars (1990 by West End Games) was always my favorite, until Torg Eternity, by Ulisses Spiele was released in 2017.  The background of the game is amazing, that Possibility Raiders have come to Earth to steal all of our abundant, though finite Possibility energy, or that which allows us, as a species, to develop so rapidly, whether in technology or social circles, expanding to even greater achievements rapidly.

Beyond the absolutely necessary and welcome fixes to the original game system, Ulisses have also re-vamped the war, itself.  In 1990, when I picked up my first boxed set for Torg, the war was very exciting to contemplate, being a combination of Star Wars and Indiana Jones in scope, but there was little in the way of specificity to draw me, as the GM, to want to play in any particular reality covered in the World Book.  The developers at Ulisses Spiele, especially because some of them worked on the original game, came to understand the deficiencies of desire-to-play in these realms or, for that matter, to play in the game's version of our Earth, and have taken great pains to develop these realities in better detail, to offer that desire-to-play element in each.  For example, the Living Land used to only be a Land of the Lost-esque reality in which a mad dinosaur-man named Baruk Kaah ruled over a jungle where life, and death, have much more meaning than we in our world give it, indeed being the central tenet of their main religion.  Though all of that remains, there are a few other changes that have made playing in the Living Land a good deal more inviting, such as adding Wonders, which show up from other realities and time-frames for short periods of time, then disappear.  The other realities are also receiving overhaul's from the original game, and I have not been disappointed with any of them.

      As explained, above, we have recorded and I am editing and uploading, as quickly as my life, and time, permits me, our game sessions to YouTube, at Role-Playing in The Wolf's Den, and you can find links to each of the adventure beginnings, below...
1) Day One: Living Land by Aaron Pavao
Possibility War Ep001 Invasion! through Ep010 Bowling Mo, Torg Eternity, Day 1 Living Land (Invasion {I} + Days 0-1; April 9, 2017)
2) Day Two: The Road to Philadelphia by David Chart
Possibility War Ep011 Part One through Ep012 Part Two, Day 2 Road to Philly Recap (I + Days 2-8; April 10-16, 2017)
3) Day One: The Janus Agenda by Simon English
Possibility War Ep013, Torg Eternity, Janus Agenda Day One Recap (I + Days 9-11; April 17-19, 2017)
4) Popes ... In ... Space! from Infiniverse Issue 1 (1990); everyone is Beta Clearance at this point
Possibility War Ep014, Torg Eternity, Popes ... In ... Space!!! Recap (I + Days 12-25; April 20-May 3, 2017)
5) Possibility Blackout by Paul Emerson (me; an homage to Greg Gorden's Before the Dawn)
Possibility War Ep015 18 July 2020 Highlights through Ep037 ???, Torg Eternity, Possibility Blackout (I + Days 87-98; July 5-16, 2017)
6) Hairy Murder by Paul Emerson (custom home transition game between Possibility Blackout and The Knights Before Christmas)
(I + Days 99-101; July 17-19, 2017)
7) The Knights Before Christmas by Blair Krantz and Paul Emerson
(I + Days 102-131; July 20-August 19, 2017)
...and we are presently playing...

8) New Adventure in 2022

      My most recent role-playing acquisition (May 2014) is a game based in the world of Middle Earth, created by J.R.R. Tolkien.  This is a good game, if somewhat esoteric; some of the mechanics are hard to get used to, but the game in and of itself is rewarding in the accuracy to Professor Tolkien's vision of what most people read in his works. Character generation is less about selecting a particular race and class than it is about being part of a culture of the world, such as a Woodman of Wilderland, Hobbit of the Shire, Elf of Mirkwood, or Man of Lake-town, including cultural Virtues, Rewards, and more to distinguish each character created within the game.  Each of the concepts developed as a result of your character's birth in the game are used as important components of gameplay, and some can be used to grant automatic success, gain Advancement or Experience points, and more.

LAST UPDATED: 6 November 2021; more to come!

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